Sunday, November 22, 2009


fred took the torch and my sincerest admiration and jealousy with the og HFTU permanent mark. the sickness is beyond comprehension.

i been gone for days after days but the army is coming back. lost a camera in thailand but it shall be replaced and alaska and asia updates coming soon. hope somebody out there is still paying attention after the absence by me, doubtful but fuk it.
HFTU my beautiful babies!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i am blowing it

been a bit since a post from this asshole but i have the feeling nobody cares. i went to mexico to catch the swine floo and while i was there i decided to check out my cousins wedding, second priority for sure though. it was in cancun-ish area. i had beers and caught rays, it was tight. thanks mommy.

this one is for you george. know how you love those window shots, i am pretty impressed with mine. most likely ruined the whole thing for you. forever.

these waiters were entertaining. deliverin margs on their heads and making flaming cocktayls for dessert. those crazy cancunites, always up to no good.

fairy ride over to isla mujeres. buncha dorks and then my family.

second best sign of the trip.

moms and her bf warren, fuckin awesome peeps i tell you what.

we rented a golf cart and mobbed all around the island. at some point stopped at this turtle reserve and pointed and stared for a few was aiiight.

few token sunset shots on the craft back to mainland, brah.

this guy was killing the entertainment session.

this was the best sign of the trip. day after isla mujeres we went to another island, cozumel. rented scooters and shit. orlando is worldwide bitches!

hit the beach and did a little snorkel sesh. warren g is gangsta as a muthafucka.

then it was time for the rehearsal dinner. myself and a couple cousins.

this ones for you matty. saw this on the way to the actual wedding which was at some resort. pretty funny scene.

creeeeepy ass filmer lurker. weirded me out man.

the groom with his moms.

for some reason the bride showed up in this thing. comical. i had never met her before, she is from jersey and her family was very entertaining, fired up for the whole thing.

first ones out there. gotta represent the orlando side of the family.

my great aunt ida. so steezy. that is all for that excursion.

kimmy invited us to a hotel fiasco so we headed straight for the 24 hour pool. jt was in usual dope ass form.

it was garys bday and he had the crew over for the kentucky derby. he was constant entertainment. he even did a little jig.
couple days later damn bvrs was in a little art show. he had this photo up of wallenburg. thats yours truly in the bottom right. i was probably crying about the destruction i was doing to my poor body.

cant remember this guys name but i liked his shit. reminded me of a good pal of mine, mr. matt carr, aka putrid.

bvrs painting representing right above the keg.

"you wont have sex with me because i have a small dick". he has a hand for a dick...weird but cool.

rikki and i left the art show to go see anvil: the story of anvil. the band played a set after the movie was over. you should check the movie out, real life spinal tap. guys are hilarious.

we got to take pics with the guys after the show. this is the bass player. metal.

and lips, the singer and axe shredder.

the other night sally took me to see the new star trek movie. opening night, imax...doesnt get much nerdier than this. hella fools with insane outfits and shit. saw v had a radical outfit on herself.
until next time. find me before the first week of june, cause i am out to brokebackalaska again players!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

i just stole

this photo off of mr. brass' blog. i had never seen it before and i love it. good fuckin times. shasta 07 i believe, text book dance moves. im a male model, not a male prostitute.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

saiiiilin away: willy mcCOVEy issue

my pop was over on his boat during that insane heat wave of last week so we decided a sail was in order and what better place than the cove outside mr. bonds house. called up some heads and for once my friends actually pulled through on a sunday morning. shit was hella sick. got there at the beginning of game and pulled up next to a few boats. brought some good ass grub to bbq and went for a few dips in the bay. hellofa sunday if i do say so myself.

this is pretty much the posse. chippy, rikki, freddy, mikey, jenny y yo. marty not pictured, yet.

mi fasha. steve martin eat your bitch ass pink panther 2 heart out. how i yearn for the snl to The Jerk years. getting sober in hollywood is career suicide.

there is the man.

prime real estate. could almost see the scoreboard but we had a computer to watch on. randy johnson almost through a no hitter. we win.

had some serious views of the hotness on the way back.

fred put on the tunes and took it to his happy place.

my favorite of the day. insanity and beauty all juxtopozed together.

the baby took the wheel of death and conquered.

you know what, fuck you too buddy!

jen gettin contemplative.

all tuckered out. we swam quite a bit.

you said it man.

this has nothing to do with anything. just some real famous graffiti guy reppin the city.
thanks for the ride dad, we all had a wonderful time. marty, score us some more of those sausages...