Friday, May 30, 2008

gentle side

so, as i wonder the streets like the bum i am i often encounter a grip of people who provide me with an urge to end humanity. i mean, try as i may, i just do not care for the majority of folks on this paved wonderland. they suck. period. wanna know what i do enjoy? no? well then go kick rocks. animals. i heart those little bastards. besides the few creepy crawler things that nobody in a correct state of mind would like, i enjoi everything. big to small, black to white, basically the opposite of humans. 95% likeable - 5% disposable rate for animals and flip those numbers you got the homo sapien. so there is my animal rant, check me out with a couple of my favorites!

the always go to kitty. cats and i get along because more often than not they just want to do their own fuckin thing, and i respect that. this is george and amy's little blacky. also, kenny told me if they spray in your face you trip out Heavy Metal steez.

my initials are COK, therefore i feel a kindred spirit with the cock. and i was born in the year of the cock. cock, cock, cock.

nice underwater camera work, me. turtles are coo as hell too.

look mom, no pants! thanks henehan.

so, i have the very remarkable pleasure to go on a humpback research boat in Hawaii every year with my pops. this is taken from the boat, no zoom = very damn close to these beasts.

so we saw, then we jump in. thats me and father looking under the mighty pacific...looking at this:

i took this with a crappy disposable camera you get at the abc stores in Hawaii. 3 whales, no problem. fuckin amazin.

last but the opposite of least, the GOAT. i love goats more than all other man beasts. they eat anything: cigarettes, beer cans, babies, whatever the fuck. plus they just really like to stand on tall things and lay back. mellow as yellow.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

shred for your head

this is me ripping, well not so much but it is me so that is something. dicks. anyway, circa 2002 road trip to albuquerque, nm from colorado. hella homies and one of the better trips i have ever been on. photo cred - Cutwrong.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

quinn party 2007

here is one random photo from ms. quinn's annual shitshow from a year and a half ago. don't ask why, just wanted to throw up a random ass photo and this one has always made me smile. one of the challenges on this most epic scavenger hunt was to kiss a bartender. another one for double points was to complete a challenge while wearing someone on your team's shirt (and they had to be from the opposite sex). so here i am in a young woman's super small shirt, kissing a bartender. her name was Kelly and she was smoking hot. i was proud of me, go Team Yellow! we got 2nd that year but came back with the vengeance this year and Team Red brought the hammer for the big W.

Friday, May 23, 2008

brokeback alaska

so last summer, about a year ago i went fishing in Alaska and it was the m-fukin shit. best time ever. anyway, you probably know this but i wanted to put a few of my favorite photos up here for preservation. we, mostly martin, made this website which has more dope ass stuff.

Team Rico crushed so much ass it was insane. jordan, THE rico, some douche...peep the sunset.

this tug boat missed the mark by about 1/2 mile.

king salmon, hella got eaten by me. 95% of meals consisted of this and, well nothing else really.

bj climbed about 50 feet in the air and found baby bald eagles, also got eaten by us! i kid, i kid but the parents wanted to eat us REAL bad.

Container One, jordan and my living arrangements while in "town". this is christian, we promised to stay in touch but he never called, sad. it was a storage unit that sucked a bunch of ass, but was mad rugged.

the beej and some sissy little guy. team harlen were the rich kids on the block. they probably cooked this up in a white wine sauce, truffle oil and fillet mignon on the side.

not a whole lotta shit around these parts, but beaches for days.

one delivery load, picture this times infinity and that is what we caught.

fishing in river, kinda whack but look at me mean muggin hard.

this is my interpretation of that picture that every girl has of themselves on the beach in hawaii. but instead of a bikini and bare feet i got old skate shoes and 6 layers of clothes. so much sicker. no big deal.

this is where we lived at graveyard. beachfront property steez. 3 dudes in that place and not much else. oh, we did graciously share it will 1,000,000,000 mosquitoes.

my favorite pic i took. this was my number one homie, a sockeye after my own heart. we caught him this way, i was bummin so i threw him back to enjoy the rest of his smoke.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sail Away

these pics are from sometime in the '06, sailin my pops boat up from Santa Cruz, my god-like hometown, to SF.

martin machado gettin wes anderson on that bitch

i hate fat things.

pre-beard, lookin pretty gay.

heart you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


it is far too dangerous to bring a camera at the famous bay 2 breakers event in SF so i have these few photos highjacked from my friend lynn at my house at 7am on the way to drunk town, thanks you crazy indian! there were over 200,000 fellow morons running (mostly walking) through the streets. always a kick ass time, as i am sure most of you know.

amy, lynn and bj crushing ass and displaying the high five thumbs up to a T

don't ask me, i just report this shit

cabbie thumbs up, gettin hyped for the madness

see you fuckers in hell!

Friday, May 16, 2008

here i be

i am that hella party animal on the right. so, now you know. which you already did because i emailed you this site so clearly you know me. but that is all beside the point so beat it. you probably know george too. by process of elimination, he is on the left. idiots. this is his internet nerd fest. this is at the thrasher skate rock party in portland, or. i work for those dudes. jorge works for adidas. this was last weekend and future posts are going to go back in time. pics below are stolen from george, so if you went to his thing you already saw them but i am selfish and wanted them too. until then, high five thumbs up a stranger for me.

worst 5-0 ever, dudebarn steez.

vergina the destroyer

best asshole around, THE pat smith

my freakin best dog for 48 hours, yougi. no english except for "titties". damn he warmed my heart so i took him to stripper parties.

i had just high five thumbs up'ed him and he lost his mind

mother's day bike posse

my homie grant. he tried to hate on the barn but we flipped the scrpit on his ass and he warmed up. he wears that hat every day, unless it is a special occasion, then he grabs the other one out of "the box". apparently, he also couldn't keep his pants on back in the day. so sick.

"sure buddy, i got you".