Friday, February 20, 2009

real lame videos

if you need to kill some time this weekend peep my youtube channel!

aint no sunshine when shes gone is by far the best.

be good nerds.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

waiting for sunday

this last weekend was valentines day so i decided to be a minor hermit. that day sucks and nobody wants to go out and witness that bullshit. kicked it hella low key friday and luckily got an invite to go to the mountains on saturday. cracked it for a day trip and hit the road around 630 or so headed for kirkwood. glorious day spent up there, little cold at times but tons of snow provided great times. loved it.
all of this was leading up to sunday when i had tickets to one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time, the murder city devils. they broke up a few years back and this is their first tour reunited, and i hope not the last. they rocked the great american music hall for the best evening show i have been to in a long while.
bounced out of that shit to meet up with crew awesome at stompy. dont know what that is, neither do i really but it was off the charts. huge venue, nonstop dancing and pandemonium until the wee hours. had monday off to top the whole thing which i spent wondering sf and generally enjoying the city...until it hailed at zeitgeist. success, again.

sun comin up over the bay. even in the rain and general shitty weather we have been experiencing this place kicks most other places in the crotch. only photo from that dumb saints day.

these two opened for the devils. they were pretty shitty. end of story. main event time.
gettin fired the fuck up at this point.

had great seats. they played just about everything i wanted to hear and that made me a happy little boy...not too obvious from this weird pic but trust me on this one.

party face! and i was out to the exact opposite kind of party...

these two were clearly already crushing this partys ass.

matt and kimmy, welcome to HFTU!, we know it will not be last time. and i forgot this guys name but he was a gentleman and a half.


this is all too common.

cuttin a serious rug.

much more ass crushing was going on by matt. en fuego.

saw v is NOT afraid to get all up in that shit.

trevor gettin some side boob.


this guy was partied the fuck out. fully asleep on the outskirts of the dance floor. so good.

we just couldnt let him be in peace.

hella fools. cant wait for the next one. until then...

Friday, February 13, 2009

dance and wager

after a lovely afternoon at delores park i met up with the usual suspects for another saturday night of fun things. the new hotspot vertigo was the destination and as usual we got to listen to anything we wanted and laugh at ourselves dancing all while mocking others as we so cruelly do. in summation, it was fun and a lot went down, and as usual i missed 99% of it because i was all up in that mix.


surprise guest darby showed up. one of my best friends that is over 6.6 and 275 lbs. guy is a fuckin legend, superstar even.

the gals gettin it going good.

matt captured much more action than myself. guy is excellent. TMA. that is all.

sunday is dollar day at golden gate fields and is always super dope. it was beckys bday so i dragged chip with me to meet with some heads. they were still celebrating chinese new year for some reason and in between races they had this fuckin weirdo guy doing magic and acrobats and whoopitdoos. here he cut a bitch in half, things went awry, ambulances called. you know, the usual.

self portrait. i was told to wear a hat. this is all i was working with.

jamal, ben and nick polanski were enjoying themselves. even though this photo does not show it.

what the fuck?

birfday girly! congrats ol timer.

gotta give it to the guy. doin shit i aint about to be able to do.
and thats that. worst blog to date? most likely but hey, you still looked at it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

super bowl of shit

team machado hosted a party for the foosball match a few weeks ago. and since i like them a whole lot more than that bro-ing ass sport i attended very happily. the gfs of the chalet prepared some super duper eats while the dudes did shit. except set up one of those betting square things which bring validity to the game. a good crew assembled and away we went. thank god damn bvrs brought the skate bench so we could do that instead of being inside. most of the rest of the time was spent on the porch as well, it was sunny and lovely here in the yay area. best part was when a senile old lady screamed at us, shook her finger and called the cops for us skating in the street. then the cops came and they thought she was as lame as we did but i had done run out of tricks at that point anyway. here is some photo evidence of nothing in particular. dicks.

the baby was ready to rock early. he kept all the money for the squares in that silly little hat.

the bigga figga showed up from a trip and was instantly on fire, as per the usual.

more dude bros chillin. snacks have been demolished, on to the bud lights for them. i had a 40 cause i am cheap like that.

iona was pure hype. jt, too good. also i think cecily is making her first appearance. she was crushing champagne like a serious heavy weight champ.

didnt believe me?

sally and jen were in love. jen was in lust i think, hot.

team grump.

couch was heating up. iona asked me not to do this but i am laughing out loud right now so i have to. step 1) eye the fuck out of the cupcake.

step 2) destroy! and get thumbs down from baby friend. the other michael was fuckin hyped though.

jenjen was being really fun so she got photoged the mostest. kinda looks like she is smashing that bottle up chips face.

O.R.K. the 3rd.

while i did win 50 bucks on one of the quarters of football, marty was the big damn winner. won a bunch and spent none of it on us. i bought champagne and hot dogs. what a dick, right? i guess he hosted the party but whatevers...

"i am getting a nice dinner AND laid tonight!"
thank the devil that sport is over for a year. go warriors.