Tuesday, July 29, 2008

hella better part deux

so if you saw the post yesterday you got the point of the weekend, stupid dumb and hyphy awesome pretty much sums it up. here are a grip more photos for your baby blues, or browns or hazels or whatever the fuck you are working with. this blogmaster man gots the beautiful blues here...

luke sat like this at all times when sitting. he was having the best time of his life.

we had a debate about this photo, check the smoke animal on the right. i was claiming elephant, paul was going with seahorse. thoughts? either way pretty fuckin sweet pic.

gangster as they get around THE don.

anti-social hour. big time bro talk in the boat, gotta make those fishing plans.

"i am the firestarter bitches!"

so this was the first major adventure of the trip. probably about 1 am or so and paul, luke and i headed off to find another dimension, or world, or something weird as hell in general. we found this giant and scary and dark tunnel that led us to the other side of the lake. we had so much fun. please enjoy the video, i will probably be nominated for best cinematography while these two will share best actor award. hell, if ben affleck can get one why not us? huh, huh, answer that douche.

now this picture is smack dab in the middle of one of the more insane adventures i have ever been a part of. since everyone on this trip heard about it a billion times i will try and recount it short and saucy. all went to bed and without a creature stirring in the camp luke and i requested the keys to johns truck so we could launch the boat. time is approx 330 am at this point. john delivers them and i drive the boat to launch, successfully (and miraculously) back the boat down the ramp and into the dark dark water. not a soul in sight anywhere. after some trouble with the straps the boat is afloat. i am going to pause here to mention that this story is going to make luke and i seem stupid and borderline incompetent, which we are but this was just insane. anyway, i drive the truck back up to campsite and park it all nice nice. walk back to the dock where luke is chilling with the boat, or so i thought. turns out he is not chilling at all and pretty much 100% freakin out. we had neglected to look into a few key components to launching the vessel. most importantly we had no plug. yep, read that again, no plug. so by the time i return from my stroll, bud in hand, there is a good foot of water in the boat and it is not far from calling it quits and heading to the bottom of the lake. now i need to backtrack real quick here and mention that while we were struggling mightily with the straps to originally launch the boat we befriended a man named BOB who appeared out of the misty darkness and claimed to have been returning from catfish fishing. i struck up a convo with him so as to not be totally weird as we were the only people awake in the whole county probably.
so, turns out that while i was gone and luke was frantically trying to stop the flood, BOB came through like the fuckin g that he is and jimmy rigged a plug for our boat using a highlighter and electrical tape. true story. BOB single handedly saved the boat. i will also quickly mention that i am writing his name in all caps because to me, at this point, the guy is much more god than man and since we capitalize the first letter in god (not here though) BOB deserves just that much more respect of all caps. back to story, i stroll in and luke explains situation. i switch places with him in water holding the "plug" in the boat neck deep in water so luke can go back and get the truck to pull boat out and find out about not only where the real plug is but also the other thing we did not think of having, a damn key. yep, no key either. now in our defense on that one i am used to outboard motors you just start and steer from the back, not so much in this case.
now it is lukes turn to show the skills and back the trailer down as i load the boat back up. we re-strap and pull out of the water (this is where the above picture was taken) so it can drain. luke has now found the plug and the key. all it takes now is the 30 minutes to drain the boat. right about now hella gnar fisherman and boaters are starting to pull up and staring, actually more like glaring at us and our stupid shirtless asses. we found it amusing though. at long last, boat is fucking drained and we re-launch, this time it is a flawless performance. re-park car for 3rd time. get all the shit hooked up on the proper with the motor and everything else and we sail away into the sunset. if i could find words to describe the look on lukes face and probably mine for that matter as we pulled into the morning beauty, you would all cry. here are some early morning shots (sorry for the length, i just got on a roll and kept typing, fucking sue me this is my blog):

there are deer in this photo. see?

so yesterday we all saw the pretty sun set on THE don, here it be rising over said beauty. tell me it was not all worth it? even if you did, luke and i know that it was and we would just take any negativity as jealousy.

i think the vultures got this guy before my hungry little buddy. too busy having the best time of our lives to eat.

after we went back to camp and proved to all that we were still alive we grabbed john and headed right back to the lake. i saw this stump and felt intrigued to climb it. i did so and then showed the world my lack of grace with a half twisting fuckamajig off the top. luke then demonstrated how to execute properly while i showed him how to take an epic photo. hours of sleep count - still zero.

this guy had more beers than us and drove off the cliff. whoopsidaisy.

these dudes were shredding the gnar gnar.

then it was back to base camp for a pee and some more nighttime festivities. i had caught about an hour or two of shut eye on the boat. i look like shit.

oh ya and the best campers in the history of camping showed up on saturday while we were on the water, that is jill and chris. seriously they can camp wayyy better than anyone you know. they brought the taj mahal of tents and the first taste of hard booze the camp had seen. not to mention home grown watermelons and a dynamite attitude.

i really enjoyed this pic. ear to ear smile. luke is deep in some insane conversation i am sure and john is having absolutely none of it.

best look of the trip from luke dog.

stoner cannot figure out the camera


quarterpipe fire. shredding.

the taj. so epic. place was bigger than my apartment.

we got ansty so instead of waiting to re-attach the battery john and i soldiered up and swam this stupid boat to the dock. nice workout after all the festivities.

saw this little morsel on the rode. you suck...animal.

a big thank you to THE don. i had fun. now i am off to watch my brother get married. why you ask? no clue but kelly kelly is pretty fuckin sweet so there you go...peace.

Monday, July 28, 2008

my weekend was hella better than yours

went camping at lake don pedro this past weekend, ya i had never heard of it either but it was fucking epic. huge lake, good peeps, beers, bbq, fires, tunes, sing-a-longs, bob, adventure, fishing, jumping, hot as fuck and strippers. ok, lied about the strippers but overall i cannot really think of a way to talk about a camping trip that makes it sound as great as it was so i am just gonna put some pictures here for your eyes to look at. this is day one for that ass, leave SF around 330 until friday at midnight...in chronological order:

hit the bridge and caught a view of the tall ship festivities. cracked beer #4.

the driver and leader of the expedition to the center of the sun heat, mr. john brassfield.

co-pilot and mediocre dj for first half of drive, lorieann.

backseat partner in getting weird, luke hamann.

sweetest dude ever, me.

team photo, crack beer #7.

this was gold, was dancing my heart out to some rad tune when i look over and see this middle age woman staring and laughing. i roll down window and show her some moves, she counters with the spread eagle pussy lick maneuver which caught me off guard but nonetheless made us all giggle in schoolgirl amusement. look closely at photo.

stopped for a smoke and saw a little bunny! ya bunnies!

tharrr she blows matey. THE don.

as the sun falls, we arrive with a new form of heat. crack beer #11.

peace out playa

crack beer #14 and walk into camp, set up and start the fire. micaila, matt, julie and la posting up to get down.

the brass dawned the light and made sure the boat was all good.

ld showing off the 17 beers in his belly

smoke on the water, fire in the sky.

did not take long for the high five thumbs up word to spread and get represented.

this is mr. jimdad. he was amazing but kind of hated me. more on that in saturday post.

last crew photo before midnight, beers number ?, curtis and paul in top left. trust me on this one, night did not end here but this post does. check back tomorrow for the next installment. how was your friday at the bars???