Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i suck at this

blogging that is, not that anyone cares as per usual but i have taken some photos over the last few months. the mobile upload world has taken over and therefore i have very little need to take my shitty digi camera out for anything anymore. wrap yours domes round some mediocrity now.

best lady girl kimmy cruised up from sf for a quick stint and we headed to a super sweet watering hole with a gigantic bridge that only kimmy and i had the balls to partake in. wheee!

our other pal rachel also came up from sf later on and we ventured to the worlds tallest constantly running waterfall. i also found that weird salamander-esk creature stuck in some rocks. i child-ly poked at it with a stick for a good 20 minutes.

mommy and warren g came for a visit, we did parental things like the saturday market. lots of bridges up here, the prague of the northwest i think someone called it once.

put this guy in my backyard. george approved. fun till the rain fucked it in the a.

some randumb hate photos and a closing day with the japanese barners at mini westlynn. these guys are the tops. cant wait for next time, nothing like strip clubs and cop encounters with fellas that speak no english.
so thats that. horray for nothing! oh, nothing as well as the gall good gods gift GIANTS!