Tuesday, April 19, 2011

tour de giants

so, this is what i left in portland. well to be fair it is mostly dreary ass rain and streets that never dry, this snow shit happened a few times...recently. in march and junk. no bueno.

i think the ramp is going to have to get a lil face lift come summer time.

YES! straight from SFO to the ballpark for the last tuneup against the team across the bay. day before headed to the combat zone of dodger stadium for opening day.

lou seal was in the house, slapping fives and giving thumbs up.

round the 5th inning mr. arron rowand hits an outer space high foul ball coming my way. after shoving my old man out into the isle, i removed my hat and gracefully leaped a good foot higher than the rest of the crowd and snagged the ball in my cap. probably the best catch since something cody ross did last october.

found these gems out in the bleachers catching some serious rays. stayed there till the end of the game like real fans do and watched us rally in the bottom of the ninth for a victory. lovely day at the yard, bout 85 degrees at first pitch.

quick delores park trip, one of many during this journey. pretty fucking all star crew if you ask me.

skate day with mr. beavers turned into some sunbathing on the water front with tall cans and the most beautiful scenery in the west.

insane drum circle that went on for hours. that park is too bomb.

went over to see my long lost brother bj in vallejo and he gave us a quick tour of this behemoth of a ship of theirs at his school. his future home for a couple months soon.

then i took a 36 hour detour from sf to hit up sd for uncle chris' 30th birthday extravaganza. party bus to game, two different suites in the park, a giants ass kicking of whatever that team is called, free food and beers and pretty much smiles for miles. extra big thanks to amy!

not quite sure but looks mild altering.

evan came back to the city with me after sd, obviously. i mean it was our first home game since the fucking world series! we had a grand weekend filled with giants games and running around the city by the bay. will certainly not be my only journey down this season.
by the way, i am not that fat, it just appears that way. the camera really let me down on this one.