Monday, June 30, 2008


another long weekend, was not too crazy but hell of tired this day. fired out to some hipster place, mezzanine, for a free dj show and bro-boarding session on friday night. there was some shredding on the mini ramp and a dance move was performed here and there. free scotch was pretty crucial and happily received by the crew. chris was in town to kill it so that is always nice.

i take back my other post awhile back where i stated worst post ever, ladies and gents, this one here is new numba one! go braindead conor!

chris, myself, chip, the bear and matty holding it down up front. think there was more to the posse but this is all we got evidence of.

been getting into the records during the after parties at huntington's, fun shit. "kobe, kobe...TELL ME HOW MY ASS TASTES!"

Friday, June 27, 2008

my main shitbag in japan

YUJI!!! you may or not remember this character from my very first post, also know as the first day of the new me when i found the interweb (its that inner lining web thing in old school bathing suits), but maybe you don't remember because you have so many better things to do that read my blogtasticnest. well, la-di-fuckin-da people. he was my lifemate for one sex filled weekend in portland. his name is yuji and he rules. i have not heard from him since he went back to that crazy island of neon lights and pirated american movies...until now, he emailed me this gold nugget of joy:
my name is yuji! CODA!
do you remember me?"
baaaahahahahaha, i cried when i reed thees mesaag from frend in japan.
here is again for your viewing pleasure.

just so epic, really too epic for words.

thought i could dance till i met the japanese fred astaire.

guy also smokes more than me. berry berry impreeesive ninja.

waffle sandos and high fuckin fives.

i am gonna miss you too bro. mere hour before my flight took me back to reality. i love you for reals for reals yuji.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

personal favs

bout time i added some more random combinations of thumbs up and high fives and fucking both at the same time which is what i am really all about, if i was to be about one thing. there might not be a better feeling in life than a good HFTU with a bro or stranger or stripper or whoever the hell floats your britches. i mean a good make out session is nice but definitely frowned upon when with a bro. this shit is universal bitches.

this picture makes me smile, fuckin ear to ear baby. old roomie and best dog mr. clever hoists up jenjen and carrie, megababes. effortless. goddamn thing of beauty.

i think the posse was on our way to get some champagne for a sunny sunday roof session when the lost soldier jerry s. peeled into our path and executed a text book solo thumbs up. i heart you good sir.

i met this tweaker in the alley next to the hemlock. i think i was choosing to drink sparks outside with chip instead of buying drinks, not really sure but you don't care and it is beside the point. wait, there is no point except he said he was coming back with mushrooms and never did. ass.

barbie high five with hella steez. these dudes are dope ass bros.

nothing like catching rays on the roof and getting strangers to thumbs up you from the street. told you this shit is universal. cheers whoever the fuck you are!

heather gettin the bottles poppin and thumbing. master of multi-ripping.

handsome manwhore Reid bros get the HF and chip steps in for the TU. perfectly executed, a 10...a fucking 10!

short shorts, check. mimosa juice, check. shirts off, check. mustache, double check. tall can just in case, check. that pretty much sums up the fact that our lives do not suck.

amy babe with a cutesy version of the TU at some house party that i remember being pretty kick ass.

this is one of my all time favorite photos of all time. old caleb in full effect rockin blades with chris get the HF done and chip's pure shred lurks in with the TU. so sick.

textbook. that is all i can say. so much plaid and buds and sleeveless shirts and beards and shitty shades and most importantly all the elements of an A+ HFTU. and i am out, kisses.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

repeat, boring but don't give a poo

i just put some of my pics on computer from the same day as listed below and am going to put them up here because...well because i fuckin feel like it. they are entertaining, cute and lovable so get in the spirit damn it. if this shit is too repetitive for you, call me a douche in comments. it will break my heart in two but hey, if you are into crapping on people's dreams then go for it.

ferry ride to start it off, champagne and buds. lindsay, yo, THE quinn, chippy chip ballin

across the seats we had a few legends as well. some teamwork for a half assed HFTU.

get some player! he don't be discriminating based on the x or y chromosomes.

look mom, it's a dogfaced man and a weirdo...which is which???

well holy fuck if that ain't the cutest thing ever you can go walk right into a piranha lagoon.

feel the tunes LD. shirts off limos to SF are the new cabs to tijuana.

amy babe looking devious as all hell.

shit started to get live bitches!

night ended with huntington doing some art on the chipmaster 5000. well done, great day and kudos to all involved. there was hell of other shit that happened that day but apparently the cameras came out only these few times. rest of goodtimes locked in the old brainium.

Monday, June 23, 2008

heat wave bitches!

this past saturday it was surface of the sun hot in the yay area. we had the invite to some jock fest usa/oyster eating/beer slammin thing-a-magig over in the north bay somewhere. really don't know where we were, but i can be positive that there were at least 3 hot tubs per ca pita in the area and i was being hella judged. it was great man. so we first took the ferry over which was fun as shit and then met the coolest dude to ever live in marin county and his pooch. made our way to park and commenced to beer drinking to stay cool. somehow newtingpants got control of the score table and we had mad jocks yelling about this and that and scores and whatever the fuck other shit that we had no idea about. also had a crazy asian stripper type girl bringing us food which was hilarious in its own right. after Team Shitbag kicked team meathead's ass in wiffle ball we ended up in a limo back to the city which was more of a dance party than limo ride. player driving the thing wanted us dead. serious hatred. so lynn just sent some photos so i am going to post them. had to have been there cause way more madness was flying around. good laughs and good times. thanks krew. more to come when i pull my camera out of whatever cave it landed in.

this dude was so high on drugs and claiming that music was his only drug, or some shit like that. we were buddies.

his dog played guitar and was just too pimp for words.

limo ride start!

beginning of madness.

smile bitches.

straight to the roof where the dancing got really firing.

by firing i mean gay as shit.

"come dance with me, queer."

best pic of the day. what the fuck???

Thursday, June 12, 2008


this is on my way to Hawaii with a freshly shaven head and epic beard, carrying a hateboard. apparently that is some sort of "red flag" or sumthin. they sent me to the gas chamber and then ignored me for about 5 minutes so i chose to get more comfortable. either way it makes me laugh, so you should laugh too goddammit. worst post ever.

Monday, June 2, 2008

you can add video?!

i only have these 3 crappy video selections of hateboarding. none made with an actual video camera. but fuck it, you aren't doing anything else so might as well watch me hurt myself. i am super good at that aspect of boardin. all pain, still no gain. maybe being good for a laugh is good enough. whatevs. giggle your goddamn pants off.

this is some drunken 11 stair attempt. it felt the opposite of good.

more beer induced stupidity. kinda pumped on this one though.

last but not least, after sparks at 8 am courtesy of Fred the session got epic and i got served. fuck. my friends are real sympathetic.