Tuesday, April 28, 2009

saiiiilin away: willy mcCOVEy issue

my pop was over on his boat during that insane heat wave of last week so we decided a sail was in order and what better place than the cove outside mr. bonds house. called up some heads and for once my friends actually pulled through on a sunday morning. shit was hella sick. got there at the beginning of game and pulled up next to a few boats. brought some good ass grub to bbq and went for a few dips in the bay. hellofa sunday if i do say so myself.

this is pretty much the posse. chippy, rikki, freddy, mikey, jenny y yo. marty not pictured, yet.

mi fasha. steve martin eat your bitch ass pink panther 2 heart out. how i yearn for the snl to The Jerk years. getting sober in hollywood is career suicide.

there is the man.

prime real estate. could almost see the scoreboard but we had a computer to watch on. randy johnson almost through a no hitter. we win.

had some serious views of the hotness on the way back.

fred put on the tunes and took it to his happy place.

my favorite of the day. insanity and beauty all juxtopozed together.

the baby took the wheel of death and conquered.

you know what, fuck you too buddy!

jen gettin contemplative.

all tuckered out. we swam quite a bit.

you said it man.

this has nothing to do with anything. just some real famous graffiti guy reppin the city.
thanks for the ride dad, we all had a wonderful time. marty, score us some more of those sausages...

Monday, April 20, 2009

buncha junk

some stuff from st pats day through easter. holidays that love god.

went up to lynne and ryans place for a few beers and a quick roof session before heading downtown and eventually north beach. pretty mellow for a march 17th but hell of fun.

sallys bday dinner! went to haight after, good times and i think she had a good birthday, not to mention she has to feel young around all these geezers...

little ally meeting of the minds before we went into amys fundraiser in playa norte. matt and chip breaking the rules.

katie was there havin a grand time.

AB is climbing mount shasta for breast cancer awareness. she through a great party and raised some good dough for a good cause. support and pat her on the behind if you see her.

the big bear and i had a great walk just the two of us and peppermint schnapps from the marina to vertigo. sally had some insane lashes on that night.

ran into chip and the best dog bj outside of that place. motley posse.

main man and new adidas tm george cutty was in town for some socializin and workin. dropped him off in hunters point and matt and i went skating at 3rd and army, got over it, then went into this abandoned building/factory thing across the river. hell of paint.

headed over to dyke beach after george was done. this guy had on a sweet hat. furry...

random pic from walk home. that ambulance was hauling asshole.

got up early the next day to skate the bum ditch. george was doing a lot of these, really well i might add. here is the video.

after skating i went to quinns most excellent scavenger hunt bday party, which was incredible as usual. then i left the after party because sally and i were going to peep lily allen. she was AAA-mazing. so fun!

she sang the whole time, danced around all cute like and covered womanizer for her last song. big fan.

went to opening day. supposed to rain but turns out that it was a perfect sf day. mikey and i had good seats under the overhang on the lower level but once the sun was fully out we met up with the council brothers, luiz and matty g in the bleachers. i love baseball season.

walked home with jt straight to the pier for a sunset hand holding marathon.

i think this was still opening day or maybe a couple games later. but it was when our pitcher joe martinez got drilled by a line drive in the fuckin head. all the players were praying and shit, it was gnar for sure. i guess he is back with the team now, he is goood.

went for a whirlwind stop in santa cruz for easter. saw my mom for a short bit then bbqd at bjs house then right back to the city.

chips new favorite photo, ever.

went for the standard railroad track walk after steaks and salmon and some veggies. giant dipper is still there.

best spot in santa cruz. couple minutes at the trestle and homeward bound.