Friday, July 30, 2010

back from the great north

had a pretty to really amazing season on the salmon tip, but more bout that later. got a few pieces of photographic evidence from my trip back to the bay left to throw up so here they are. feeling a bit of a lack of creative juices at the moment so just check these couple pics and shit...or as always, dont.

saw this smiling face first thing off the train, we got after it real quick. hella blast was had. giants, party, wandering soldiers, dopeness.

matt brow, bvrs and i hit up the old thrasher park the next day. i think bvrs was killing it, i was haggard. they are switching the park up a bunch, its a fun session, plus getting to see the whole ol warehouse crew and saw v is a guaranteed good time.

that handsome fella showed up, martinis were had, camera was left. luvs these dudes. ross on the hospitality scene as usual.

my cousin lauren (roger) moved into my old stomping grounds, or i should say i moved here in. it was a nightmare but her pops, my goddad, gave seegs, other cousin lindsay (louie) and myself a ride down to the game. beautiful day, amazing looking friends, a win all combined for a golden day.

then it was time for this sunday. no words can describe and these are all the pics i have but if youve been you know already. san diego group sex crew represented super hard, jt was mvp, nick p and i were besties and maddness all around. rumor has it they are trying to shut this down. good fuckin luck i say.