Thursday, May 20, 2010

lil bit o p-town before the haggard that is sfc

portland has been nothing short of goodtimes juicyfruit. besides skating, which takes up approx a shitload of the time here, we have been getting around to doin some things. caught the last hoops game of the year for the playoff bound blazers which just so happened to be against my beloved pig fucker warriors. i think we know how that worked out, while portland is rad; on the toughness scale to the bay it doesnt quite get there. so the yay rear-ended the northwest and danny and i snuck into about the 7th row to witness it, these pics arent even zoomed in. shit was tight. monta ellis gave us an air knuckles after we yelled at him. it was hella hot, manlove usually is.

boys day out in washington state was next, skated a bunch of half-sy parks that still crushed ass but started the day at battleground which is probably the best park ever, or sumthin. vancouver, wa has put up all these mini parks with just a few things to get radical...

the portland beavers (ha) are the minor league baseball here so we took it to the park on a sunny gods day so we could watch the giants minor league team, the grizz bitch slap the bvrs. it was fun, we had beers. and evryone looked great.

another lovely day was spent at a megamini par 3 golf course with some weird number of holes, 14 or something. george, chip and i had a blast. thanks dudes. although chip and i tied so we need to go back asap.

the above pic was at a party that some real smart kids house who told everyone to tell others and then pass it on to come over and destroy his house which he was...renting. so they did. then they burned it. then the cops came and i laughed. george has better evidence i believe. fin.