Wednesday, September 29, 2010

end of the season road trips

as we reached the end of the 2010 season we took a slow fishing period to jetset over to this other ransacked ass cannery just across the river. after the cruise and one hell of a mud walk we got to wander around this place for a bit. its really quite extraordinary, just like people up and left one day and never came back. goodtimes.

a whole huge warehouse sized room full of salmon packing boxes from decades ago.

then we took an over vert fucked up ladder to this water tower to really peep the whole scene. a deserted bald eagles nest was up there, thing was comparable in size to a dorm bed. we found that eagles beak which was, well kinda awesome and creepy at the same time along with an egg that i cracked open and possibly the gnarliest substance known to man fell out of. nothin like a rotten americas bird egg to cheer the spirits.

tide comes in quick in the great white north and in just about an hours time our boats went from on shore to way out there. rodney took the leadership role, as he does so well, and walked out to save us. then he preceded to showboat around in circles and full speed ram the skiff ashore so we could hop on, then hop off and push it back out to sea due to the fact that we were totally stuck. but it was radical all round.

this is the mini park i set up to shred. found some metal and nailed it into this up ledge/manny pad to accompany the flat gap/manny pad/old door there in the back. ground was smooth and provided some serious kill it space.

hahahaa. for some reason, well for obvious reasons, this made me laugh on a daily basis. always wondered who did this, someone fuckin awesome clearly.

finally back in naknek and the crew was all tuckered out but wanted to head to naknek lake for one last hurrah for the bros before everyone headed home and tried to avoid each other for another year.

corey, martzki and sam took the plunge into some cold water. nobody told marty that a synchronized dive was about to happen so the classic jump went down instead. good thing then went when they did because about 3 minutes later this guy showed up...

dude just meandered up the waterfront lookin for fish and apparently not caring about us in the least. which was good cause we were cornered on a dock with nowhere to go. he was literally ten feet from us. good way to end the year...

one last stop at the dump to climb around and look for bears, saw a few more but to dark for good pics, those fuckers love garbage. and classical music.
everyone killed it this year and went home healthy and happy. great group of dudes and ladys, until next summer. well...bye.