Wednesday, March 25, 2009

cleanin house

more photos of nonsensical nonsense that i may or may not give two shits about when i find this place in 10 years, assuming i am somewhere with a computer.

this is betty and the new love of my life...even though she is real old but i call her mature and if you say different then you can just take right off. we got hella miles already together.

i was on my way to the ramp a few weeks ago and was waitin here at the old pier skatespot and witnessed this fuckin bullshit. anyone that skates knows the battle between us and the city for this spot that has been going on for years. new skatestops, we take em off, back and forth back and forth until they finally just ruined the whole things and now they look like dog piss. well this was all apparently because we are a nuisance and destroying property. which they then completely fucked in the a. so the fight has been lost by both sides, however it is clearly hunky dory to get blacked out in the afternoon and sleep on these while your ass hangs out and your blackberry schnapps pours out of your carls jr cup. make sense? didnt think so.

made it the ramp to meet the headlock and it was a glorious afternoon. these look a lot better on the camera.

picked up this fuckin bum on the way to one of the celebrations of ross' birth.

these two gettin in on the fun.

docs clock. most handsome funguys around.

i think this was the nest morning, nicky seegs came and swooped luke, pete and i and we headed out for 18...

but not before a bloody and some jokin with the staff that was terrified of our enthusiasm. we dont get out all together on the course that much so we make the fuckin most of it.

oh and by the way, i won.

lynne and ryan are badasses.

kieran, aka lil pervert, picked me up for a skate day and we started out to daly city to warm up. isnt she pretty?

this kid was rippin, shot a shitty video you can see below.

style for miles. had a great day, thanks kieran. and matt for letting me break your board after my pudgy ass broke mine earlier.

for another celebration of ross i met him down at some piano bar on market st. i sat at the actual piano and met this cool ass cat. he showed me the ropes and was a stud of a dancer:

ross' dad and sister georgia. welcome to HFTU.

this chick was a regular and told me she sings as well. i didnt really believe her until mc piano boy called her up and she dedicated a song to none other than conor kelly. rad.

next day we decided to hit up dollar day at the horse track. saw this excellent display of drunk antics on the way.

sally could not think of one place she would want to be less than here. the rest of us loved it.

hahahaha! this car was gold. fuckin taped together with hot pink tape. clearly thinking that they are pulling it off but an epic fail in my book.
that is all. here is the video of the ramp kid and another of dumb roundup shit. they are both tipping the scales of shit actually but whatevers. at least i got lil wayne to post about next week suckas.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

mas vacas

i think these are from the babys camera so iona probably took them, because he is a baby and needs her help with everything. i sorta kid...

vinny gettin in on the brand action.

these young bucks are the future. total bros.

marty is the natural master of this task.

girl barn.

just takin a nice little seat on that ass.

ya bear!

kenny mach just bein himself. and boss being worthless.
these below are from martys camera, what started out as innocent fun with shutter speed quickly turned about as juvenile as you could possibly get. growing up is hella overrated. shit was too funny. once gary got super into it it was over, he was the maestro, picasso and beethoven of the glowstick art.

i am feelin the jt glowbelt.

the heart over jerry and allison started it all...wait for it...

gary goin for the solo "bear", turned into beer which works too.

little raunchier.

this was first try and i must say it is pretty fuckin gooood. 4 of us total, i was on ball duty.

little self promotion.

also first try naked lady.

clearly my fav. but the true masterpiece:

baaahahahaahah! i was sitting with marty while a huge group was doing this one. you cant tell what the fuck is going on until the picture pops up. i just bout shit myself i was laughing so hard. people HFTUing each other, runnin around the campfire. you would have thought we had just won an academy award or some shit. gary, some would call you a hero.