Tuesday, January 19, 2010

gimme more, gimme, gimme more.

hella art. no marty but i'm feeling it. e.n.j.o.i.

this was the best day. pat stranded us so i made a hammock and sat in sun. then swam in bristol bay, you ever done that? now shut it. love, me.

so fun, can't wait for this year. lemme know what you think.

a year fuckin later

ok, i suck at this. reasons for delay: new computer without picture upload capabilities for me...ah hell who am i kidding, i got lazy and forgot about it but a new leaf has been turned. i pulled the proverbial trigger and packed up and moved on up to the realllly north side as in oregon; portland to be exact so i have decided that the HFTU shall return. in the week i have been here it has already been epic even though i am harassing george and living in his basement and generally being a pain. that is neither here nor there though. shenanigans will pop up much more often now so check back after these two posts of alaska from a year ago. figured i better get em up before i leave again in a couple months.
so here is alaska 09 in 2 posts, followed by my new life in a new state coupled with some misc SF stuff that i never posted thrown back in there for good measure. i love you all.

view from the back of the truck on way to garlic gulch and my home for a week or so before the departure to the famous graveyard point. that truck is harlans baby and so fun to drive.

found a hovercraft. still waiting on the hoverboard from B2TF. where you at mcfly??

reminded me of caaaaable guy.

floatation device turned workout/stress reliever. genius i think.

the man himself. see you in a few months homie!

these things are like pigeons up there.

this fool is in jail for a year, but i still love him. i wrote a story about the incident, maybe i shall post it up here in the future. peep that steez, for reals yo.

now dont get all up in arms, this was an accident by one of the fisherman. we didnt club it until after it was dead. and bbq'ed.
part two coming in a few minutes, meaning long before anyone checks this one out. come back HFTU army!