Wednesday, April 8, 2009

cant get enough of that lil wayne stuff

got the hook for another lil weezy show, this time we headed down to man jose for the extravaganza. a few babes and myself, sally v, rikki and kimmy. we headed down early on a hot day and checked into the d'anza hotel right downtown next to the shark tank. we got dolled up and grabbed a martini or two before walking into the depths. some crap called gym super douche heroes or something opened. they were garbage. then t-pain fell on his segway or something so he couldnt make it, also a bummer. but in my humble opinion weezy killed again. quite the production and got to hear the hits, plus he jammed on the guitar this time. hit up some weird sj bar afterwards and called it a night. funfun.

the drive in the saw v ride is always a pleasure. rockin out with our cocks out.

a good amount of hotel shenanigans before we even left the room. lots of this crap going on all night. fuckin a bitches...

the bar was an outdoor patio and hella swank. i hear the food is delicious.

ummm, beats the fuck outta me.

made it to show now and i looked like i stared into the sun for a week and a half.

this guy in front of us tried his damnedest to ruin it for me. close but no luck fucktard.

this is those dorks who hurt my ears and brain.

then the supermegastar came fuckin hot...

best caption for this photo wins a HFTU.

more of this love goodness.

phoooone home...WEEZY!
had a blast, thanks saw v and san jose.

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