Tuesday, April 14, 2009

if you seek amy

the godmother saw v scored us seats to witness the hottest mess of all time, ms. britbrit spears in sactown last saturday night! it was a faction of crew awesome at its best; sally, kimmy, rikki, jt the biggest figga and this guy. met up in soma ready to rock out, equally excited about the car ride dance party as the show itself. it did not disappoint and britney sure as fuck didnt either. she played most the shit i wanted to hear and i sang my little heart out. good damn times all around. if you missed her, you blew it. nuff said players.

jt gettin weird at sallys before 4 pm.

pre car ride dance party group shot. i am hella good at taking photos like this.

and after car dance in arco arena parking lot. tall cans and best homies galore.

first photo inside. right as the pussycat dolls were walking on stage. waaaayyy better than expected.

they played those weird awesome songs they sing that nobody knows who sings them but knows the words. at least thats how it was for me. they performed their big ass outfits out and for that i am thankful.

hella fist pumping and ass shakin. hot little numbers, from what i could tell. congrats, you have a late 20s straight male fan...might be a first.

alwasy love in the air within our crew.

i think we should work on that choreography, polk st livin room anyone?

i like this redheaded one. second only to the little blondie and her booty:


britney had a bunch of opening peeps doing crazy circus shit. it was fairly radical. kimmy approved:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was the consensus of the crowd at this exact moment.

muthafuckin awestruck.

she had some many sweeticle entrances. they all made me feel a little funny inside and ear to ear grins baby.

she looked spectacular. brought me back girl.

shitloads of outfit changes...gave my heart time to calm itself between the 724 number 1 hits she has.

gangster hood bikes? i see no reason why not, shit she had everything else in the world there.

goddess belting some slow jams. and by belting i mean pretending not very hard to sing. i didnt give one shit.

sally pose with accompaniment.

i would hang that shit on my mantel, tell you what.

i think jt approved of the whole scenario.

if i am not mistaken the hot ass cop was the final outfit. at least final one i have a picture of. shit was off the chain. i pray every night she stays this perfect amount of totally insane, doesnt get batshit again but i also need some crazy brit in my life. thanks girl! you crushed soooo much ass.

went to club 6 back in sf for some reason after the show and met up with these bros...?

still a bit confused.

and the night ends with the same amount of smiles as it began. a banner fuckin saturday night i tell you what. HFTU a+ for the awesome crew and our new mascot, kind of crazy but not completely insane ms. britney spears. together we killed it and shall continue prospering until the next tour. see y'all then! goodnight sacrameeenooooo!

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