Wednesday, April 7, 2010

harmar SF/roadtrip that inspired the bounce

short pants productions hooked it up again with another outstanding show of the superstar himself. rickshaw stop was popping off and whatnot and shit. everyone got what they paid for or in our instance a shitload more seeing as it was free. too busy dancing to snap a lot of photos but trust HFTU when it tells you, he was up to the usual antics and anecdotes.

he had this total megababe for a singer man, she could totally wail! cue "dreamweaver" by gary wright.

then greg robo and i flew to portland to surprise george for his ridin dirty thirty. it was the best surprise i have ever been a part of. his lifemate amy did a glorious job keeping him in the dark and when we showed up there was a serious hugfest followed by fireworks and dancing teddy bears, weird huh? this is christian from the mean jeans.

this outfit was to much to pass up. caliente as fuuuck.

andrew, the other half of the mean jeans.

deddick and kyle, kyle just hooked with up with a bike here in pdx, and it is for reals radical to the max. thanks bud!

on to karaoke. shit was on the chain.

got into the nike park, we were hella blown out but frankly we still killed, grogs gets this done, whatever this is.

then he got the puke done. way tighter.

went to a bar where a dance party was created solely by us. for reals. wigs got passed thisawaythataway.

dudebarn ramp and curbs and shit. fuuuck.

went to mlk fashion plaza, THE greatest store ever. brandon and i got puffy coats and after we were done filming missy mistameanor elliots new hot joint video we went to some nudie bars and made the talent wear them.

then we made it to the whales vagina where everyone was as wrecked as we were, but they kinda rallied and we had a blast. jt became a angel, martskie made bubbles and we drove home in shame. the end.

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