Thursday, August 12, 2010

alaska 2010 - the beginning, next stop graveyard

so this is the start of the journey, that is after a drive to seattle, a flight to anchorage, a bunch of hours at that airport then the dingy flight to king salmon. its quite the bitch to get up to that state but well worth it. go now.

a few from the last plane including a wing shot for my man george who hearts those things.

garlic gulch as it is called, a few double wides owned by italian families that have been shredding these waters since the sailboat days. aka home for the first few days which are spent in the town of naknek running around trying to make sure everything is ready.

lots of hours in this dark whole as well making nets and listening to the god station on the radio. ouch.

a few eagle sightings right away. these bastards get old real quick. the pigeon of the north, but ever so regal and junk.

my captain harlan sporting the raddest jacket in town. contemplative as hell.

the best two piece, man and woman, cover band in naknek. todd and wendy. just dont even think about playing rap music in the red dog saloon. or pissing in the pool that does not exist.

a long road ahead.

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