Wednesday, August 18, 2010

get it going

pat took first stint behind the wheel and we were off through the bay and out to graveyard creek and our fucked up homes for the next bunch of weeks.

we watched these loud ass birds take their first flight, one was a real bitch. mommy bird cussed at it until it moved out and got a real job. lame.

dry smoke fillet jar eat. yummy.

go to alameda fleafest and find marty, you could be the next new proud owner of old ass bottles that have made quite the journey.

fox tour guide, glad we missed this much scarier version by a few minutes.

its fully on now fuckers.

found a spot to crack a few where no others have been before.

chaos at the yard. more to come. stay tuned, or as always, dont. i wouldnt know the difference.

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