Thursday, September 18, 2008

adios por ahora Bogota...

...we awoke from a hell of a nap, that was needed more than i need a hj, to some home cooking from Mom. matty cuddled me through the night so i felt very safe and warm, he is a real giver. we downed our soup and figured out how were were going to get to the northern caribbean coast town of santa marta, not to be confused with santa maria the town where the lost boys live. we secured a bus ride at about 830pm that night and decided to hit up this flea market type thing that goes on sundays in town. shit was legit, tons of handcrafted local goods and nice eats. got thirsty after about a 2 block walk and aguilas were downed. we dragged thomas out of bed even though he wanted absolutely zero to do with us, we partied him out i think. waynes world style. he powered up and took us to the market and then we went for a stroll/skate to other side of town where he works before making it home to collect the little shit that we brought and the little more shit that matt bought and headed to bus terminals. thoughts of beaches and cliffs were swimming through my mind and once again excitement was bubbling out of control.

the tents from our aguila lookout spot and the cuisine of the day.

i REALLY wanted to buy this thing from her. it was the only thing she was selling...oh well, bought more aguilas instead.

taking a walk into the depths. a second later i threw the board down and flew past these nerds, then nearly crashed into a car and got a scary look.

there was a lot of good shit on the walls in Bogota but i felt i had to leave my mark.

lots of buildings had gnar gnar glass on top of the walls. stay the fuck out putos.

one last smoke and look out session before hopping on the bus. here are a couple sights i saw during the night and day along the way to paradise, we stopped two times in the 18 hours:

it was a long bus ride filled with hella rain and a fairly frightening driver but the sights were killer and well worth it. we ended the life of a bottle of ron (rum) and about a dozen aquilas, caught a few hours shut eye and ended up in santa marta. the fucking town was flooded. no joke, it was insane. hopped a crazy ass city bus with 18 too many people on it headed to The Land of Taganga. this second bus was a bit of a nightmare so i am going to pretend it never happened. the point is we made it and headed to Casa de Felipe, our home for the next seven nights. wait till you assholes see this place...

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