Friday, September 26, 2008


one of our nights in taganga we got to talking with ever and primo about random ass shit, lots of ins and outs and what-have-yous. seemingly out of the blue primo mentions that he fights cocks and that there is a fight tonight in the next town over of santa marta, although his cock is not fighting. he offered to take us, clearly we had no idea what to expect but of course we were in. had some beers at the hostel and the homies picked us up in a cab for an adventure. we get to some random ass and pretty sketchy part of santa marta and it turns out ever has to tend to some other business. so it is matt, primo and i that take the plunge into a dirt alley kind of place and discover a full blown cock fighting operation. shit was nutzo. about 100 or so colombians and two tall ass white kids, we didnt stand out at all. but fuck it we said and we got all up in the mix. people throwing money around, banging on the walls of the "ring", hella hissing and other shit i had obviously never seen before. we saw three separate fights. peep it...

before each fight the owners of the cocks (i have been trying not to laugh as i type phrases like that but this one got me) meet in the ring and hold out their cocks to each other (baahahaah) and hiss a bunch, sticking their beaks in the other ones face. spectacle to say the least.

and even before they get to the ring each cock goes to a separate "corner" where they have a specific trainer guy. i called this one mick. they file down their back claw and then attach a claw made out of turtle shell that is sharp as fuck to the filed down area using hot wax as the glue. then they tape it up with white athletic tape, just like any boxing trainer would. legit.

the last fight had an all white cock that primo was betting on. he got f-ed up! as you can tell from the pic and the video that should be posted soon. blood looks real red on all white cocks (eww...zing!). all in all this was a crazy experience but super rad, they claim all the cocks lived and there was a ref guy who jumps in and calls the fights once one of them is all messed up. not completely sure if i believe this as they carried a couple off that did not look too good but primo told us that and he was a baddass so i shall believe him.

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