Tuesday, September 23, 2008

taganga part deux - mas mas

not much to say here...i think all you hussies get the point. place ruled, we ruled it and ever dominates all. more beaches and sunsets for your beaty little eyes:

seen enough of this move yet? not me so eat shit...

it was a $2.50 deposit to rent this cooler. i was willing to pay the 50 bones to fly it home but alas, it was not meant to be. instead we bought 6 more aquilas with the deposit.

this mural thingy was not there in the morning when we left on the tayrona adventure. no joke, so fucking sick.

one of my favorites.

one more night at the old garage. wow, i just started laughing out loud because ever wore that shirt out, we went to bed, he woke us up in the middle of the night/early morning cause he needed to borrow a few bucks. we went back to sleep. walked down to the beach in the afternoon and saw him in the same gear, minus the shoes and he was rocking the jeans rolled up. i almost died laughing when i saw him and he didnt even bat an eye. classic. his mom was so mad at him...

more goats!

the laundry lady was key since i only brought 7 things total.

matt is killing it with primo hot on his heals. mas aguardiente!

the moon was killin it as well.

i thought this was pretty fucking random.

the two sunset picks above are just too good. damn that place treated us to the time of our lives. our farewell picture above taken at the hostel, those hammocks were sweeticle. couple more things from taganga to come...you wont wanna miss this shit.

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Dudeeeeeeeeee....I can believe all that things that you did in Taganga...jajajaja AMAZING!!!! You had the best time ever!!!Also you took incredible picts....GREAT!! Primo guy...is exactly as I imagine....Please write about TEJO game!! It is really important hahahaha...describe it in detail!!!Everyone has to see that!!!
Take care and say hi to Matt..

Natalia Su├írez ( if you don´t remember me....the girl who took you to play tejo)....