Friday, May 16, 2008

here i be

i am that hella party animal on the right. so, now you know. which you already did because i emailed you this site so clearly you know me. but that is all beside the point so beat it. you probably know george too. by process of elimination, he is on the left. idiots. this is his internet nerd fest. this is at the thrasher skate rock party in portland, or. i work for those dudes. jorge works for adidas. this was last weekend and future posts are going to go back in time. pics below are stolen from george, so if you went to his thing you already saw them but i am selfish and wanted them too. until then, high five thumbs up a stranger for me.

worst 5-0 ever, dudebarn steez.

vergina the destroyer

best asshole around, THE pat smith

my freakin best dog for 48 hours, yougi. no english except for "titties". damn he warmed my heart so i took him to stripper parties.

i had just high five thumbs up'ed him and he lost his mind

mother's day bike posse

my homie grant. he tried to hate on the barn but we flipped the scrpit on his ass and he warmed up. he wears that hat every day, unless it is a special occasion, then he grabs the other one out of "the box". apparently, he also couldn't keep his pants on back in the day. so sick.

"sure buddy, i got you".

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george said...

obviously killing it.