Tuesday, May 27, 2008

quinn party 2007

here is one random photo from ms. quinn's annual shitshow from a year and a half ago. don't ask why, just wanted to throw up a random ass photo and this one has always made me smile. one of the challenges on this most epic scavenger hunt was to kiss a bartender. another one for double points was to complete a challenge while wearing someone on your team's shirt (and they had to be from the opposite sex). so here i am in a young woman's super small shirt, kissing a bartender. her name was Kelly and she was smoking hot. i was proud of me, go Team Yellow! we got 2nd that year but came back with the vengeance this year and Team Red brought the hammer for the big W.


Kayvon said...

the girl on the right doesn't seem to pleased about your kissy kissy with the bartender

kristine said...

This pic should be captioned "escape from creativity explored"