Wednesday, May 21, 2008


it is far too dangerous to bring a camera at the famous bay 2 breakers event in SF so i have these few photos highjacked from my friend lynn at my house at 7am on the way to drunk town, thanks you crazy indian! there were over 200,000 fellow morons running (mostly walking) through the streets. always a kick ass time, as i am sure most of you know.

amy, lynn and bj crushing ass and displaying the high five thumbs up to a T

don't ask me, i just report this shit

cabbie thumbs up, gettin hyped for the madness

see you fuckers in hell!


Ross Borden said...

that's how it starts! actually the least drunk b2b of my career. i danced myself completely sober at matt's.

is bj still alive?

Patience said...

Well you are as crazy as I thought you were!!