Friday, May 30, 2008

gentle side

so, as i wonder the streets like the bum i am i often encounter a grip of people who provide me with an urge to end humanity. i mean, try as i may, i just do not care for the majority of folks on this paved wonderland. they suck. period. wanna know what i do enjoy? no? well then go kick rocks. animals. i heart those little bastards. besides the few creepy crawler things that nobody in a correct state of mind would like, i enjoi everything. big to small, black to white, basically the opposite of humans. 95% likeable - 5% disposable rate for animals and flip those numbers you got the homo sapien. so there is my animal rant, check me out with a couple of my favorites!

the always go to kitty. cats and i get along because more often than not they just want to do their own fuckin thing, and i respect that. this is george and amy's little blacky. also, kenny told me if they spray in your face you trip out Heavy Metal steez.

my initials are COK, therefore i feel a kindred spirit with the cock. and i was born in the year of the cock. cock, cock, cock.

nice underwater camera work, me. turtles are coo as hell too.

look mom, no pants! thanks henehan.

so, i have the very remarkable pleasure to go on a humpback research boat in Hawaii every year with my pops. this is taken from the boat, no zoom = very damn close to these beasts.

so we saw, then we jump in. thats me and father looking under the mighty pacific...looking at this:

i took this with a crappy disposable camera you get at the abc stores in Hawaii. 3 whales, no problem. fuckin amazin.

last but the opposite of least, the GOAT. i love goats more than all other man beasts. they eat anything: cigarettes, beer cans, babies, whatever the fuck. plus they just really like to stand on tall things and lay back. mellow as yellow.

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