Friday, June 27, 2008

my main shitbag in japan

YUJI!!! you may or not remember this character from my very first post, also know as the first day of the new me when i found the interweb (its that inner lining web thing in old school bathing suits), but maybe you don't remember because you have so many better things to do that read my blogtasticnest. well, la-di-fuckin-da people. he was my lifemate for one sex filled weekend in portland. his name is yuji and he rules. i have not heard from him since he went back to that crazy island of neon lights and pirated american movies...until now, he emailed me this gold nugget of joy:
my name is yuji! CODA!
do you remember me?"
baaaahahahahaha, i cried when i reed thees mesaag from frend in japan.
here is again for your viewing pleasure.

just so epic, really too epic for words.

thought i could dance till i met the japanese fred astaire.

guy also smokes more than me. berry berry impreeesive ninja.

waffle sandos and high fuckin fives.

i am gonna miss you too bro. mere hour before my flight took me back to reality. i love you for reals for reals yuji.

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