Monday, June 2, 2008

you can add video?!

i only have these 3 crappy video selections of hateboarding. none made with an actual video camera. but fuck it, you aren't doing anything else so might as well watch me hurt myself. i am super good at that aspect of boardin. all pain, still no gain. maybe being good for a laugh is good enough. whatevs. giggle your goddamn pants off.

this is some drunken 11 stair attempt. it felt the opposite of good.

more beer induced stupidity. kinda pumped on this one though.

last but not least, after sparks at 8 am courtesy of Fred the session got epic and i got served. fuck. my friends are real sympathetic.


stacy said...

I did it.. I remembered! I'm very glad too.. this gave me something to do while wishing I was dead at work today.

Xtina said...

oh man conner that last video was the fucking best! i wish there was a way to embed a code because i would put that shit all over my internet life