Wednesday, June 25, 2008

repeat, boring but don't give a poo

i just put some of my pics on computer from the same day as listed below and am going to put them up here because...well because i fuckin feel like it. they are entertaining, cute and lovable so get in the spirit damn it. if this shit is too repetitive for you, call me a douche in comments. it will break my heart in two but hey, if you are into crapping on people's dreams then go for it.

ferry ride to start it off, champagne and buds. lindsay, yo, THE quinn, chippy chip ballin

across the seats we had a few legends as well. some teamwork for a half assed HFTU.

get some player! he don't be discriminating based on the x or y chromosomes.

look mom, it's a dogfaced man and a weirdo...which is which???

well holy fuck if that ain't the cutest thing ever you can go walk right into a piranha lagoon.

feel the tunes LD. shirts off limos to SF are the new cabs to tijuana.

amy babe looking devious as all hell.

shit started to get live bitches!

night ended with huntington doing some art on the chipmaster 5000. well done, great day and kudos to all involved. there was hell of other shit that happened that day but apparently the cameras came out only these few times. rest of goodtimes locked in the old brainium.

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