Monday, June 30, 2008


another long weekend, was not too crazy but hell of tired this day. fired out to some hipster place, mezzanine, for a free dj show and bro-boarding session on friday night. there was some shredding on the mini ramp and a dance move was performed here and there. free scotch was pretty crucial and happily received by the crew. chris was in town to kill it so that is always nice.

i take back my other post awhile back where i stated worst post ever, ladies and gents, this one here is new numba one! go braindead conor!

chris, myself, chip, the bear and matty holding it down up front. think there was more to the posse but this is all we got evidence of.

been getting into the records during the after parties at huntington's, fun shit. "kobe, kobe...TELL ME HOW MY ASS TASTES!"

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Kayvon said...

damn i take good pics