Wednesday, August 20, 2008

bye bye Carrie parts 1 and 2

so as most of you know we have officially lost one of our best pals and fun time girls. ms. carrie stengel has gone back up north for the moment before she gives the full blown middle finger salute to the usa and moves in with our once most sworn enemies and now just another island shitfuck that is lumped in with us because we hate the same people around the world or some shit. england by the way is where she is going. land of hella expensive shit, douchbag accents and a nice melting pot of shitty food, weather and teeth. i think they have bird flu as well but don't quote me on that one. anyway, it will be a better place with her living there, if she can change just one nerd bag o douche to something better then she has succeeded.
she had quite the going away ceremonies, hence this being part 1 AND 2 and still not done. it all officially started when her friends ali and laura and probably some others orchestrated a wonderful surprise party at laura and her man jeremy's unopened coffee shop down in the mission. it was cool, my crew rolled in real deep and hard with hellsa dicks but it was all good. after lots of laughs and good times we took the party to polk street where dancing and costumes ensued until morning hours. however, my camera was not in use so no evidence of that bullshit. that was two fridays ago and then this last friday was her last night at work so we figured might as well terrorize the fuck out of that place one last good time. mission accomplished bitches. both nights were mad fun and overall successes. you will be missed girl. then there was saturday night...stay tuned for that one. needs its own post.

she was for serious surprised. i know this picture sucks but it is what it is buttfucker. by far the most successful surprise party ever, all in attendance would have agreed. she had no clue.

i am also aware that these pictures indeed suck as much ass as the previous one but whatever. go f yourself, seriously. these people were there, i took these in like the first 5 minutes and was quickly over being blogger boy at that point. however, redemption is had by me when i whipped the camera out one last time and got this:

awww shit! so cute, laura, jeremy and ROGAN! i held the shit out of rogan and we were like, pretty much, best fucking friends. radical.

these folks and a bunch of others went in to rock out on friday for the last day at the restaurant routine. it was fun as always. thanks party people.

ali was there. mean muggin the shit outta me, that is kind of how she rolls. mean that is. i kid ali, i kid. (not really watch out for that girl on the streets, will beat your ass)

this dude was in town. the man in the flesh brian the dirty mc. he lived in brazil for a long time and is the one responsible for spreading the word of HFTU to me. he is hella awesome.

this guy was there being weird as fuck. that is all.

same goes for this fucko.

they are gonna miss her face just like the rest of us. godspeed carrie...until next post.

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