Friday, August 8, 2008

ferris bueller

so a random sunday (?? wink wink) we got up, rounded the crew that was down as fuck, basically the best of the best that were around and headed to the private beach at the dolphin club in aquatic park, san francisco, ca. the one man party (tomp) belongs to this weird ass old man club that consists of swimming around the little bay kinda spot and rowing around other shit. don't ask me to explain but shit is pretty baddass and so is tomp. grabbed the grill, hella brews, random slabs of beef, 154 in 1 game set, tunes provider, shorts and shades and charged the gnar. here it is with photo evidence in case you do not believe the way are you calling me a liar muthafucka? huh, huh? no, seriously i will track you down like that creep in "no country for old men" and eat your face off. ya, thats right, i will eat you like that movie "alive". starting with the fatties. hands down, ass up that's the way i like you.

day started with bones, fatty matty dominated. i got little kid on him and flipped the table, took my ball and went home. what a bitch i am. that didn't happen but i thought about it.

this little ragged ass dog was borderline useless. but i was seriously in love with him. we tried to give him bread and he turned his nose up at us like he was carlton banks. strictly steak for this mongrel. i obliged. on a side not, that song borderline by madonna kicks assholes off.

crew shots. this one above is a piece of art. holler at me fecal face! the damn framing, capturing of the moment and nature's power is just amazing. a+ you sucky ass blog loser. i said that last sentence internally to my self but somehow it ended up here so i shall leave it. fuk off.

tomp and i had an epic chess match. came down to the wire but i will give you punk asses one guess on the winner...fine, have two that way everyone can be right. jesus, you people are worse than kindergartners.

this guy was there killing it and getting me all tight in the pants.

i won this just like the chess match. go me! someones gotta cheer for me and none of you out there in the world are doing it so i will be my own hype master 3001.

"the ghoatst likes fun". ya, you and me both buddy. enjoi your weekend nerds, probably gotta catch up on some knitting and season 124 of lost or something else your lame ass is into. luvs you, cheers!

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Anonymous said...

i love this blog and miss you.