Monday, August 4, 2008


by now i am sure all know about the best duo to come out of canada since, well since forever. maybe terrance and philip but they aren't even on same page. chromeo is some next level shit. sold out the fillmore with the quickness and we proceeded to attend and fiesta. started with a dance party at the polk pad and mosied our way down there to fight our way through the 16 year old hipsters and some front row enjoyment. i must say this was the worst chromeo show i have been to but that ain't sayin much cause the others were so insanely mind blowingly gold that this madhouse really had zero chance of out performing...point is it was still so damn fun and i heart these guys hella.
classic ld living room status.

got the man on man dance show going pretty fuckin ragin. polk street onlookers were a combination of terrified and jealous as all hell.

some pre-show lurking outside, probably sparks or joose involved...guaranteed actually. let us in to damn chromeo for the love of christ!

kayvon got a press pass thingy so he could take pics for the first few songs. any ideas which member of the legend crew kayvon wants to bed down with??? homies were killing it.

some during the show good times. i have nothing to add to these, especially trying to answer what the fuck matty is rocking. no clue would be my answer...good old costume closet in effect.

and some good old fashioned after hours at evans. this photo should end it, i mean i am laughing, are you? thanks out to the usual suspects plus the two from america's top hat, CHROMEO fo life playas!

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ta$hamoney said...

these pictures are hillaaaaaaaaaaarious. marisa and i are dying to see the rest of kvon's pictures. he was a paparazzi nazi that night.