Wednesday, August 6, 2008

didn't go out thursday night

well we went out but it was to the streets and back to the old school. goddamn bvrs built a jumpramp ala 1984 so we broke that shit out on the street and killed.
started off against the hardware store across the street. this shit was too fun.
lifestyle shot.
cops got called after a mild altercation in the street with some foreigner cabbie. we were skating it in the middle of polk street at about midnight on a thursday. tons of people around and every car had to swerve out of the way to miss the dark ramp on the dark night, not to mention they had to avoid us as well. we are jerks. so we took it to the sidewalk where a peanut gallery soon assembled outside the bar. mostly assholes. bvrs was terrorizing the thing while luke was wasted singing pat benetar.
it is a shame for bvrs that chip was lurking...but not for anyone else looking at these photos cause he has some classic looks. zoolander is sweating in his whites.
then i ollied over the back and into the ramp. this shot is not a make, as a matter of fact it took me hell of tries, but my dumbshit roommate slow joe benson was too busy blowing a dude and missed the make, but it happened. that blowing a dude part is purely speculation and is not legally binding for slander charges later on in life. hear that benstone? just playin, love you dad.


Burt Destruction said...

That is sick. If that cab driver tried to mess with you so much why didn't you stamp him?

Brass's Bin said...

looks like a best time ever moment to me.