Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the hi side

during one of our adventures to abandoned beaches and water the color of my stellar eyes, we saw a cliff. yaya you say, so what, a cliff...whoop de fuckin do. this thing was gnar. keeping with the theme of the trip, "fuck it, let's do this". we jumped off the boat to investigate the landing, matlock style. a couple dives down and we determine that we are golden, then the hard part came. climbing this monstrosity. we swam around the side and started our ascent over loose and jagged rocks to the top of the world. once this was accomplished, very proud of ourselves, we had to scale down to this one little point where we could jump from. matty charged it first and with superior grace he lept from the sky and traveled the approximately 75 feet to the deep blue. it was a success for sure but there was a bad side, as he lept i heard a crack on the one rock we had to use to fly. this made me mildly nervous but there was for sure no turning back so i scaled down to the same rock all while clinging to the back wall. fuck it. fly fatass fly! one of the best cliff jumps of my life and i really really enjoi jumping off things. a highlight fo sheez.
one last thing, my good pal j cushing b linked me from his hateboarding column, check his shit! you find my link?

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ncbutters said...

was that cliff really 75ft high. That looks fucking sick crazy jealous, i love jumping off stuff. you gotta flip that shit!.