Tuesday, July 1, 2008

man jose

got up to a cloudy saturday morning in sf and on a whim decided to fire up to man jose and the hamann's house for some swim sesh a la beer fest...and a huntington and i bocce ball domination-presentation.
that picture of me deejaying from friday night was circa 4 am and the first picture here was about 12, in man jose. so we kicked it off real quick down there, bought a keg and i was naked in the driveway 2 minutes upon arrival rummaging around for a suit to get in that pool. it was fucking hot down there and awesome. these pics are from only the first couple of hours of the day and shit proceeded to get more hyphy as the day progressed. lots of dudes, some babes and most of all good times. if you missed it, you blew it...if you were there you hearted it. hella.
brought the baby along on the journey. this was about 28 hours before she found a nice piece of shit to roll all up in. well done aaa-baby!
hopped up on goofballs.
this is about the time i was running full sprint for the brews and the aqua de chlorine.
get that going, goddamn bvrs.
well, cover the ground in water, check. so, bocce anyone?
already got the beer belly, 5 hours into day. we fucked people up at this W.O.P game...give you one guess what color we were. ps. peep that view, kick ass.
chillaxin hard. i used to get a lot of shit about smoking and beering from some big time hypocrite that well, does what hypocrites do. just a side thought i had at this moment.
smokin in the pool room, smokin in the pool room...everybody knows that smokin ain't allowed in pool!
the morning crew before things got way more stupid and dum dum. good thumbs upping numba ones.
i may or may not have started the chicken dance like some weird wedding situation. no biggie. special thanks go out to matty hamann, kim and butch, matt's room, oyster shells, jamie's mix cds from mid 90's, the L couch and beer can chicken from kansas boy. and chip for being the mv-fuckin-p of the night and next day. "yo, you guys wanna have fun or sumthin? i am gonna brush my teeth and then bocce."

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