Tuesday, January 13, 2009

cause i spit hot fire!

the day before the day before xmas i had the pleasure to experience a concert event for the ages. sally v, chip, kelly and i hopped in the ride and took it to the 510 and oracle arena to catch t-pain and mas importante lil wayne. wow. now i was not a huge fan of either mostly because i dont pay attention to shit but this opinion rapidly changed, hella. we rolled in to our seats, which were sick, right before the spectacle of t-pain began.
he had a huge circus thing set up and started his performance with a person of very small stature in a red britney spears outfit, ripping on her for stealing his big top theme with her new album circus. personally, i heart me some britbrit but humorous non the less. he launched into a bunch of singing and screaming etc. all the while he was cruising around on a blacked out/pimped out segway. shit was fuckin gold. he rocked a segway the exact opposite way the dorks in sf rock it around aquatic park pier. steez for miles. i thoroughly enjoied his shit except he didnt play that song about being in love with a stripper. which was a damn shame cause that shit is the joint. but whatevs. dope.
the main man of the hour, and freakin year for that matter, was lil weezy. this guy was constant entertainment from the moment he set his little ass on stage. we were up dancing and attempting to sing along to every jam. t-pain made another appearance on the segway to do a couple duets with him which i am dead set on bringing to encore karaoke...not now but right now. shit was en fuego. thanks saw v, i had that one thing that is a couple steps above fun.

started at the heron pad where sally was lurking on some grub.

couple crew awesome shots outside the warriors home court. then i left my camera and all pictures below courtesy of miss kelly.

first looks at the t-pain tent setup. kind of a big deal.

scummiest bros in the whole building.

more of that dude. baaarrrrtender!!!

THE man of so many bitches lives.

hella fools partying.

pretty lights, sooo fun.


whos that babe? beats me...call me!


just chillin and spittin. guy was epic. until next time lil weezy, thanks again.

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cut throat said...

you do love yourself some britney. Do you have Crossroads on VHS and DVD?