Wednesday, January 28, 2009

short sleeve shirt over long sleeve

day one of my excursion consisted of driving there in the Thrasher van. end of that story. second day was the first trade show skate dude fest held at block box in carlsbad. home to zero, fallen, slave, mystery and probably some other shit. all pretty legit workings but the best thing they have is an insane skatepark in their warehouse where the chief lets delinquent underachievers seeking to overachieve lay their heads at night. we got up butt ass early to go set up the booth and start mingling. all around good day but this post is going to end up being dedicated to one girl who at least managed to keep me entertained throughout the affair. more to follow.
we did our jobs, glad handed like good little boys and made a few sales to boot. then i got out of that place and headed to a suburb of san diego cleverly titled pacific beach, being that it is a...shit you get where this is going.

the street corner booth was next door and my main men were holding it down.

other heads were there but the sf crew was straight ballin down in the middle.

my partner in crime, the one and only uncle burly. so cool. loves cigs and being negative.

we were right across from this place so we could witness the shredding while chatting up socal bros.

phelps was there. the man, the myth, the maniac. these were shop dudes i was talking to and they had Thrasher tattoos so they asked for a photo with him, they got more than they bargained for.
so not only did the corner booth have fred, moose, nick, nick and tony. they had a kissing booth with the all new Hubba girl:

whatever her name was would kiss you on the cheek for a buck. which is weak as hell but hey she was one of about 3 chicks in a crowd of a couple thousand dudes...dressed like what can you do?

moose was feelin in

st corner nick was layin out the funds.

antwaun dixon got real into it.

theotis and manny loved it from afar so manny decided some decisive action was in store...

close up.

marisa del santo got hers.

jt sat right there the whole time. i wonder what his view was?

he was prob looking at this kid. couple of perverts.

even the americanized santa was in on the fun. if you can call it that.

figured why not, right?

the orchestrator of the whole shebang. the big boss himself.

and fred was in love. end of story. good bye Hubba chick, whoever you were.

my good good pal was there. senor brooks, blog wars 09. its on muthafucker! no @ or * or $ needed on HFTU!
headed inside for the best trick contest extravaganza. found the homie:

straight hustlin.

chris cole did everything on everything. my camera sucked inside that dump so i quit early.

mad fools.
bounced outta carlsbad and hit the town with the old crew.

met up with this maniac, mister clever and the kyle potter. had some photos but would not upload. anyway, you know them. i love them. made it too a couple bars but these pictures of this bartender are the last i have. she was not friendly to me. i was drunk so i dont blame her one bit.

so peace out for now, more to come.

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Jay-T said...

more. I would like to recap my life to make sure I can return to SD County this weekend. Seriously.