Tuesday, January 6, 2009

well shit...

that year happened fast as all hell. it came and it went boys and gals and good riddance '08, you were pretty damn good to me but i aint holdin on too tight. i could go into some highlights and lowlights as there were plenty but i am sure that you pals of mine have already done that for yourselves and you were all apart of something in my life. mostly bad things cause you are all bad people but...
clearly i am playing with you like a predator to its prey. thank you everyone who i know cause i had toooo much fun last year. wanna run it back? cool, in. sold. done.
we ended the year at the machado compound with nothing too crazy. the close homies met up and ate some food and kicked out some jams, basically what we do best and with little effort. big ups machados for hosting duties, about fuckin time. i didnt take too many pics but here they are.
looking forward to many a HFTU with each and every one of you my minions.

mr. martin cooked up some good ass chipino. i feel like that is spelled wrong but fuck off.

early bird crew.

go on buddy, enjoi the fruits of your labor.

joseph rourke benson! and jt too...fondue. unintentional rhyme.

ya carrie is back! partners in crime and HFTU veterans, talia and jenjen.

the tennis crew started the shot party. sold.

iona and carrie making friends. blonde babes for days.

jt with the baby and his silly little hat.

i dont think benstone even knows about this rant-internet-nonsense-spot and yet he is one of my best dogs.

blog wars with a non blog folk. she will prob put hers on trashbook and a million people will see it. 999,976 more than here. so be it.

between this pic and the last the dance floor had begun to bounce.

too busy partyin to notice. luvs it.

who needs babies and kittens when you got these two around.

the only tennis team that can hold a candle to Team Party.

gdmn bvrs and lauren were feelin the love. jamison might have helped too...

cant fuck with joe on the floor. chip pulling his standard position.

"give me your soul and i will let you see 2009".

i got in on the love.

me and this cat had a fuckin gooooood year.

dirt and dirtier. nice to meet you son.

thats adorable.


hella champagne.

no clue.

then we got to see my main man jerry for a hot minute. dude is so ruling.

last pic of the night with the babys babe.
thanks again machados for everything and big ups to 2008 for just being you. dont change. hope you all had a great one too. prob not as good as mine but you should just take what you can get and quit yer bitching! huge squeeze from the HFTU crew to yall.

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Burt Destruction said...

That looks like an evening of elegance to say the least. Very handsome.