Wednesday, January 14, 2009

same outfits

day after the bday party for larkin st gals and day before the day before lil weezy it was...a saturday? what. something. anyway, the house was in pretty decent shape considering the debauchery that went down the night before but nonetheless needed some sprucing up. the girls were more than happy to come help but in the meantime i still had mr. evan to dilly dally with. we woke up next to each other in my bed, which is a twin, in the same outfits as night before and decided then and there we should move this fest to the living room. no homo.
there is little to no point in this post except i had these pictures and need to get them up here so i can move on to other bullshit only a couple people on the planet care to see. so here are some photos from team clean up day, 2008. oh what a year. side note, anyone familiar with that frankie valli song "oh what a night"..."late december back in 63, what a very special time for me, as i remember WHAT A NIGHT!" i love that song. first skatenerd out there to tell me who used that song for a part wins a kiss. i am looking at you george.

aint no other way to start the day than champagne and unopened oj. god, that jersey is so sick.

told you same outfits. baby dog got a little make up treatment from someone who knows how to do it. he went to cosmetology school once. true story, look at him go.

dope wardrobe, better eyes.

the cleaners. r.i.p black sparks. you shall be missed.

amy joined in the bubbly fun.

as did the silverfootes.

matty and the clev showing some HFTU hug styley

these babes really wanted that disco ball back. i think they got it back? i know it was fucked though.

mid mornin nap status until...

the maniac awoke the other maniac.

some dancing began after the sweepin.

chip prefers the nazi death march "dance".

ali and ross borden zorden showed up for a couple of the hottest beers in sf '08.

just too photogenic to pass up.

polk pad living room is too fun to not smile like an etard at lovefest.

see what i mean?

shit be contagious son!

kenna showed up post sun down. then promptly left. fear i tell you.

a little corner love for these two. fuckin perverts.

while her sister makes out kelly miles makes an impact and kicks out the jams. she rules.

little boob job for the ultimate sf fan.

nighttime has falleth, house is clean-er than before now.

why wouldnt i take a picture of myself for no apparent reason? oh ya, i look gooood. well, ok...or decent at least.

now that is goood.

finally got out of the pad and went to hyphy. why? cause chris was here of course. then some random ass brawl broke out and i ran home alone. only to lose my phone, in my own room. yep, that happened.

more dudes in my bed. i am like the complete opposite of brad pitt. hella dude magnet. HFTU out.

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cut throat said...

you looking at me because you want to kiss me or because I might know the answer?
I don't know the answer but that might only be because I had to eat a percocet last night and wash it down with beer because I almost ripped my thumb nail off skating.