Tuesday, March 10, 2009

hella super

the superstar was just downright fuckin gold. exactly what i expected, if you didnt go, you blew it. we danced, we sang, he conquered. the photos are not too great, not too shabby but i think you will get the gist. best. musician. ever. come back soon my minnesotan prince.

big ups to kayvon for putting this whole thing together. it was rad. he djayed in between bands and people were feelin it. see you next time at polk headquarters. i swear sally had fun, even though you wouldnt have guessed it here.

babyfoote made a guest appearance.

these two have the same but kind of opposite go-to dance. put together and they are unstoppable. kind of like how the power rangers all linked up to make something extra super, ya, like that.

this is kayvons sister christina, she is insane. clearly.

ummm, maybe stick to the tables bro. that is not the best go-to dance out there...

after a couple other bands and some vonvon the man came out in the gold shawl thing. fired up i was.

i got dressed up for it.

"people can you feeeeeeel me??"

"oooh yaaaa!!!"

he had a full band. unfuckinreal.

jt got a little video guy, links below. plus look how happy that stud is.

baby do you like my clothes?

token ass shot. hot.

peoples sexiest man alive 2009.

i stood on the speakers and danced the entire time, until they kicked me off for the hundredth time.

this picture is courtesy of littlefoote and pretty much sums it all up. thanks again to kayvon for putting this shit together and harmar superstar for just being him. miss it once, shame on you, miss it twice delete my phone number.
hella epic.

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TRASH said...

noice. very noice.
more pics on animal-dance.blogspot.com

and more to come on that gayass blog