Wednesday, March 11, 2009


a few weeks back i did a few things on the weekend. i have been busy doing other things so didnt have time to post pictures of these things. probably because nobody cares.
a saw a random flyer at a bus stop one rainy day for a grease themed party, supposed to be the whole shabang. costumes, know, rydell high hosts national bandstand (not american bandstand dammit). just in case you didnt know, i fucking love grease. huge fan, makes me happy anytime i watch it. so i call the awesome crew to fill them in on my find and a few are up for it. since i had just purchased an all black suit i decided to get a pink shirt and a pink little scarf guy to hang out of my pocket and dress just like danny in that scene. i did this, others got in their best 50's get ups and awaaaaaay weeeee gooooo!

matt didnt so much get dressed up as he did get jooooosed!

kimmy got some old school attire and was ready to handle the dance floor.

sally and i deciding if she wants to be sandy or cha cha.

trevor is on the far left and he actually made a t-birds leather jacket. pretty sweet. rikki had a nice red number herself. walking in....

event tonight has been cancelled. bummed. although someone writing "suck" on the poster was epic. what to do?

clearly get back in the prius and start dancin until we find somewhere else to be...

nothing in unusual came to mind so we verti-went to polk to dance.

place was packed as a whorehouse on friday night so we were relegated to the front by the bar, which was still enough room to kill.

plus i met the bartender who hooked it up with a couple jello shots so she gets the HFTU treatment...end of that night.

somehow we ended up on our way to san jose another night. jose rojo turned pro for enjoi skateboards and those are sallys good peeps so we cruised down for his party. dave rosenberg made an appearance for the ride down! he is the one that i acquired my bike, betty, from. she rules. love of my life.

jt came down too and we ran into jesse erickson. he is the man and we used to skate with him back in the sj days of lore. i skated our ramp about 10 hours a week, him about 3 hours a month and i couldnt do one thing he could. good fellow.

jt, matt and i had some quality time in the living room with red cups.

then jt and i decided to venture to an old bar spot downtown so we walked in the rain there and we ran into our friend ona. had a few beers and called it an early night for the ride home.

some sunday mornin we headed to lime for brunch. i had heard a lot about this place and it was basically all that it is cracked up to be. it is kind of in the castro and very flamboyant. there is a big waiting area and well needed as the wait was about an hour, $2 mimosas while you wait but then $7 ones once you are seated and they are bottomless, pretty tight. also they blare club music and everyone is dancing and shit. ran into tasha money who i hadnt seen in days and we ended up joining in her crew to make a huge table of madness.

this girl in the red looked exactly like fantashia from american idol and she was booty shaking all over the damn place. rikki was lovin.

for some reason this is totally appropriate there.

club photog.

this dude was ballin hella hard.

the chica on the right was wearing a shirt i was in love with so i convinced her to trade me.

i think i won that one.

then rikki pulled the same switcharoo with a stranger. they didnt play for keeps though. elephant is hangin in my room now.
then at a party some time later i ran into this girl with the same shirt. forced her to take a picture, wasnt feelin it. look how embarrased sally is. fuck it.
so those things happened and they were all fun. blahblahblah


A Mental Trainwreck said...

fuh keet

ta$hamoney said...

we need a lime repeat. i should've ditched the babysitting date & stuck around w/u guys. i wonder what clothes i could've switched with and prizes i could've taken home. total FAIL on my part.

fantasia..killin it!!!!!