Tuesday, March 17, 2009

fuck a cow

as i explained before the roundup rules and here is the evidence that this year was no different. we did it right. good fires, slept outside, great food and took care of business when the time came. 160 cows wrastled to the ground, medicated, branded and de-manned. mission accomplished, cant wait for next year. everyone killed it, especially the whole machado clan. big ups to them.

stopped at the ranch in san ho on the way down to pick up some horses. mikey looked very regal while junior here above looked haggard but awesome. old things kick ass in general.

danny brought raffie down and he got savage, pulling lit logs out of the fire like it wasnt no thing.

no lighters here. but there was a brian hi spotting which always brings a ray of sunshine.

then raffie got loose as fuck and pulled out the red rocket on brians leg. this picture, when zoomed in on, is priceless. full blown sex.

brians rad gf bought him this contraption that attaches to a hitch. so comfy, we even went for a ride in it. highlight for sure.

raffie and fred in our "swimhole" we "made" last year. it needed some work so we gave it our all.

we started by using brute force to push this log out of its home.

then using a single rope, brians truck and college know how we moved this thing a hundred yards or something in attempt to damn the river. maybe next year it will be done...

took a drive up to the old house which we learned might be on the verge of extinction. which blows ass. there is some cool shit up there...

mouse home.

adobe wall from hundreds of years ago. sweet.

brian could not be troubled to get up to pee so he lets it fly from the seat of his pants. good form.

dead mouse in a bottle. pretty gnar. brians theory was it went in there to eat and couldnt fit back out...little iffy but...

found this priceless gem of a raiders glass. it came home with me.

vince, michael, iona and marty feelin it.

someone started taking an axe to a log on the fire, gary i believe. this was the result.

took a little hike up to the water tower. so green and wonderful.

iona did some modeling.

i made a ladybug friend.

jerry was there being an all star as expected. luvs that guy.

michael and jt are permanently on the grill duty and did not disappoint in the least.

thats a happy manhattan.

the babe crew.

there was a wood pile in the middle of the field that has been accumulating for years and the older machados decided it was time for it to burn. this made me excited as i enjoy the company of fire immensely. i had a good hour sitting in the field alone watching this massive shit burn. it was enjoyable.

this is W.E.B, jenjens stepdad. he was a barrel of good times. we hit it off, i just hope he calls like he said he would...


marty managed to acquire a bunch of glow sticks from his work and had the rad idea to shoot some photos with a slow shutter speed to obtain dope effects. the results were beyond words, once he sends them to me i will put them up. you are going to shit. it was hella fun.

sunday was the big day where they put us to work. main job, to tackle the cows onto their side and re-tie them so they can be dealt with. we were up for it and i must say we did a great job this year. well oiled machine, in sync, baddass...etc.

danny, jt and i handling this little bitch.

best outfit of the day, hands down. peep the cutoffs and blue cowboy boots.

balls and horns are no longer. horns above...balls being dealt with by the dog below.

gary handles some roping duty. packin chews and wrangling cows is in that fools blood.

mikey and i plotting some cheap shots.

quick pep talk for this fuck before she gets served.

little break for the boys.

towards the end of the day martman let me get in on a little branding. much fun.

then we decided to tackle a cow without ropes or horses. just cornered that bitch and took him down. we did it a few times. rick hates cows and is the perenial allstar of the trip.

after a long day we ate a delicious meal finished off with pies for days. could not have asked for anything more.

jen, marty, web and "ze german". that guy was fuckin out of his mind. hella fun bro, we kicked it hard.
and that is that. all around awesome. thanks one more time to the machados for graciously hosting a pack of rufians. i appreciated it a lot. more pics coming from other cameras or maybe not. but the glowstick ones for sure. holler.

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