Thursday, March 19, 2009

mas vacas

i think these are from the babys camera so iona probably took them, because he is a baby and needs her help with everything. i sorta kid...

vinny gettin in on the brand action.

these young bucks are the future. total bros.

marty is the natural master of this task.

girl barn.

just takin a nice little seat on that ass.

ya bear!

kenny mach just bein himself. and boss being worthless.
these below are from martys camera, what started out as innocent fun with shutter speed quickly turned about as juvenile as you could possibly get. growing up is hella overrated. shit was too funny. once gary got super into it it was over, he was the maestro, picasso and beethoven of the glowstick art.

i am feelin the jt glowbelt.

the heart over jerry and allison started it all...wait for it...

gary goin for the solo "bear", turned into beer which works too.

little raunchier.

this was first try and i must say it is pretty fuckin gooood. 4 of us total, i was on ball duty.

little self promotion.

also first try naked lady.

clearly my fav. but the true masterpiece:

baaahahahaahah! i was sitting with marty while a huge group was doing this one. you cant tell what the fuck is going on until the picture pops up. i just bout shit myself i was laughing so hard. people HFTUing each other, runnin around the campfire. you would have thought we had just won an academy award or some shit. gary, some would call you a hero.