Thursday, March 12, 2009

round em up

every year the machado family is nice enough to invite a couple boys down to their ranch outside cal poly to round up some cows, brand em, cut their baby makers off (balls not johnsons), bbq, drink beers, swim, shoot guns, sleep outside, make fires, bond, chew tobacco and high five each other.
this event had a very small part in what you are about to see below. mostly this occurred because i was sick and fuckin tired of talking about "it" with others that had the same shit going on and those who wish they had the nutz to grow one. anyway, this is what i look like now. weird...

first time in multiple years a razor has touched this face. mustache coming off after this weekend so look for conor circa 2001 in the streets. or dont actually, i kind of like walking past people i know on my block and them having no clue who i am. liberating really.
have a great weekend everyone, i am excited for mine. i need it. HFTU.

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