Tuesday, December 23, 2008

lurker von

here are some photos from von. basically all the same shit and since i wasted all my writing prowess already i beg you to formulate your own captions for these. ya, i know, whatever. i told him i would post them so just scroll hella fast and thank me later.

not sure if the homie damn bvrs made it on last one, guy is like a ninja to catch on a digital film recording device.

gary showed up, jumped on table and pretty much embarrassed anyone else trying to crush it. luvs him.

denise was getting loose as hell.


get the fuck outta here.

power to the peeps clev.
good night all, have a happy whatever it is that you celebrate. or just keep on doin what you do. either way. much love from the HFTU family, which you are in so hug yourself. do it!

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