Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the last you will hear about it

upon my triumphant return from the other part of cali i was whisked away to jts fort down in daly city right on the ocean. he has laid his head here for a bit but i had yet to make the trip much to my dismay. marty, jen, carrie, matty and i hopped in the car on sunday afternoon and headed down there. this place was all that it was cracked up to be and hella more. hella radical.
he lives on some sort of horse farm then bellies right up to trails that lead to pretty much a deserted beach. full front windows looking out on the great pacific provide a nice ambiance that only heightens the sickness. we chilled in the house for a minute then power moved it to the beach for a little late afternoon bocce ball and a sparks or two. good times. end of birthday weekend. perpetually old now.

we saw some super duper sweet clouds on the drive down. dont get too many of these bad boys in the bay, lots of clouds just not gods pillows like these ones.

the greeting crew was already getting fun with some darts and stevie wonder. burning ball of fire illuminating the place.

this is jts roommate and long time crazy running friend from santa barbara days, chris white. he is gold. he knew some peeps that lived in this place and when they bounced he moved in his buddies in classic form. he made this insane costume for halloween last year, not quite sure how to describe it, i think marty put it nicely when he said he looked like an old aztec king with mythical creatures surrounding him...or some shit like that. he modeled it nicely and we got to see him naked, always a positive.

i hate horses. seriously, terrified.

headed to beach while this thing was on its way to heat up china.

trails were fun. platinum carrie was leading the way for me while i dorked out on nature.

nice one.

this picture looks a lot better before blogger uglies it up. good times while around carrie, stay american over there!

jt had the tunes, the sparks, the attitude, basically the fun.

bocce on the beach, this just got silly ridiculous. team green sucked. that was matty, carrie and i. hell of a setting for it though.

jt getting loose with house dog lucey. she was crushing it.

made the hike back and jt had surprised me with an ice cream cake. high five thumbs up motherfuckers! it was an honorable cake.

blowing out the candle. literally was one big candle. improved it hella sick boys.

i am pretty sure i was not stoned but i look like fucking chong in this pic. whatever, only one of me and my cake before our group of fatties destroyed that shit.
thanks jt, you found your mecca. ok, the end.

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jen.e.lind. said...

I thought we were green! -or maybe that was your joke. good thing mar and I won in the end...