Thursday, February 5, 2009

takin weird whole new places

last saturday was epic. so many things done during day, the type of boring shit you dont take pictures of, that a good night out was in order. i actually got up at 8 am and went and started my application to grad school to teach! exciting huh, ya, well got a lot of other life plans that are coming together slowly but that is neither here nor there and far from this space.
friday had been a real lot of fun too but no evidence of that as some people dont appreciate the fame that comes with an appearance on HFTU. sally came and picked me up down in machado town after my stroll and we ran an errand or two then decided to visit the long lost lynne g at farmer brown where she runs shit. place was dynamite. meandered around, watched some seinfeld and generally fucked off for a few hours then started our night at vertigo where her roommate djs. dude, i would (and have) hated on this place but he plays whatever we want and if you get there early and get the one booth on the dance floor it crushes ass. and since i am into that sort of thing we went ahead and did that. couple more spots were hit before lights out...

she knows what be up.

i had fried chicken. see?? i tried to capture saw v's meal but i blinked and shit disappeared.

here we are. i am all about my suitcoat i bought myself. norcal is the new socal, you guys win.

got to vertigo and there was one other person. this thing. dancing on a table. alone. well played Pat.

just gettin warmed up when rikki showed up. she was playing the chorus to "i wish i was a little bit taller" on the beer. talent.

it is a shame that this is the pic that i got of this person, fuckin gold. part of a whole crew of weirdos wearing shades inside, she was rockin those stupid kanye dipshit things. she caught matt and i taking simultaneous pics and was unhappy. i laughed in her face and carried on. welcome to HFTU rando!

matt rules. he stole some tool's shades off the table, still in our possession.

yep, thats what was entertaining the shit outta me.

made the move to a party next to sallys house. there is a dance studio next to her and they use the space for partys. funniest weird things going on. bongo drums, djs, sweet dance moves and the like. i found this chair and camped in it for hours. i was in love.

another new comer to the blog, megatron, on the right. she was there and killing it. so welcome, i am sure it will not be the last appearance. you know you had a good weekend because you were on highfivethumbsup!

this is what sally was wearing when we got to the party. only to disappear for a little bit, while i held down flower chair, and come back wearing this:

all right then. why not?

staple posse.

those shades made it all the way here. megatron took em for a spin, she was hyped...i can only assume.

free shirt to the person who knows where this is. that wasnt with me.

gettin late. my eyes are callin it quitin time...

good night sweet princesses. over and gone. one for the books even though the pics are kind of shit. fuck you though. bye!

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