Thursday, February 12, 2009

super bowl of shit

team machado hosted a party for the foosball match a few weeks ago. and since i like them a whole lot more than that bro-ing ass sport i attended very happily. the gfs of the chalet prepared some super duper eats while the dudes did shit. except set up one of those betting square things which bring validity to the game. a good crew assembled and away we went. thank god damn bvrs brought the skate bench so we could do that instead of being inside. most of the rest of the time was spent on the porch as well, it was sunny and lovely here in the yay area. best part was when a senile old lady screamed at us, shook her finger and called the cops for us skating in the street. then the cops came and they thought she was as lame as we did but i had done run out of tricks at that point anyway. here is some photo evidence of nothing in particular. dicks.

the baby was ready to rock early. he kept all the money for the squares in that silly little hat.

the bigga figga showed up from a trip and was instantly on fire, as per the usual.

more dude bros chillin. snacks have been demolished, on to the bud lights for them. i had a 40 cause i am cheap like that.

iona was pure hype. jt, too good. also i think cecily is making her first appearance. she was crushing champagne like a serious heavy weight champ.

didnt believe me?

sally and jen were in love. jen was in lust i think, hot.

team grump.

couch was heating up. iona asked me not to do this but i am laughing out loud right now so i have to. step 1) eye the fuck out of the cupcake.

step 2) destroy! and get thumbs down from baby friend. the other michael was fuckin hyped though.

jenjen was being really fun so she got photoged the mostest. kinda looks like she is smashing that bottle up chips face.

O.R.K. the 3rd.

while i did win 50 bucks on one of the quarters of football, marty was the big damn winner. won a bunch and spent none of it on us. i bought champagne and hot dogs. what a dick, right? i guess he hosted the party but whatevers...

"i am getting a nice dinner AND laid tonight!"
thank the devil that sport is over for a year. go warriors.

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