Tuesday, February 10, 2009

last few months, part 1

have acquired some decent photos from the last few months and want to throw them up here, and seeing how this is all mine i can do whatever i like, i shall. patron on ice? yes please. just a few shots of the killer life of late. peep it...you are probably on here and i know how self centered my friends are so join in the fun of looking at yourself!

cruised out to the berkeley hills with porkchop, matty, seegs and myself for a little qt on the links. pretty sure i won.

went down to pacifica for a demo and a premier of our last vid over here at Thrasher. good turn out, free beer and dogs plus we went to a garage sale before hand where i managed to pick up some cds, the likes of c&c music factory, the proclaimers and a nwa double disk. this kid ollied into this ramp proper like. but the highlight was clearly this thing:

i cant remember laughing AT someone as hard as i was right after this photo. get that dog girl! apparently this nightmare lurks around the pacifica park and tries to get down with little boys. disgusting, maybe. for sure the weirdest thing on a skate of all time. this was NOT halloween by the way.

place is called the log shop and their ramp is good good times. creature team showed up to shred.

warriors halftime shows cannot be beat anywhere. the little kid dance crew blows my mind and the ninja dunkers are fuckin sweet too. mid misty flip or some damn thing.

we took a journey up to wine country for my dear friend jenny coyne's wedding celebration. trust me, it was a real lovely affair but i got there, took this picture of the liquor store across the street and then my camera died. she looked good, he was the best groom ever. i danced hella. a real love story unfolded in multiple ways.

chainsaw charlie showed up in SF for some reason or another. oh, i think this was for skater of the year. he came to the warehouse and i tried to steal his soul via my camera. turns out it wasnt there. but i did get a pic of his Thrasher tattoo...

it is a good one.

then we rounded up the rest of the crew and josh dragged us to the beach, in december, where it was very pleasant. but not at all. it did become funny which was no consolation to my balls being inside my tummy. hot dogs are always nice. i think we have kalisha, ronnie, mahar, charlie and josh. who knows, it is quite the shitty picture.

back to the polk pad where we practiced some karaoke songs, born to be wild got murdered. air broom rocked. then moves like this that even my living room was brand new to...

bury that face in sallys crotch chuck!

straight to encore to test skills. pretty sure this was NKOTB and sally v brought the house to its knees.

saw v and i went to emmys some random night for some spaghetti and a 40 for me.

dirt nasty on our big skate day. lip and back smith on that one ledge. i killed it too...only with much worse tricks.

all these pics are from new years day. cruised around the hood, also to encore again and overall had a great day. here my man joe free gets frisky with mandy girl.

amy b and me.

then quinn brought the jacket out. and those are my shades which i broke at zeitgeist this last saturday. for shame.

outfit changes galore.

couple good ol fashioned jt moments. he had a gooood time that day and night.

classic me face. boooooring.

i heart this pic. looking good peeps.

this is one of my better memories of last few months. carrie and i went to the science museum and then cruised out into the park area. promptly i stopped mid step and witnessed the greatest shit ever. these guys are the yo-yo'ers of the bay area. full, real club...with a giant sign up and everything. they fuckin ruled at everything they did. blaring a mix tape that went from amazing house type dance shit to metal as fuck shit. all the while casually performing the best yoyo tricks that anyone in the world has ever seen, true story. man, i had a huge crush on them. kids just kept showing up and mixing right in there, seamlessly. they carried around briefcases full of different utensils for yoyoing...mixing and matching. trading and bartering with each other and curious passerbyes. fuck, i sat there for about an hour or more. floored the whole time. check these dudes out if you are ever over there on a saturday morning. maybe sunday. thanks bros.

freddy scored some sausages and instead of being normal we decided to bbq them on the corner of 14th and guerrero all the while watching the warriors beat the stupid hornets in the bar. classic. quite the scene.

was out in the cuts of the sunset or somewhere far away at st. corner nicks house. this is his dog and he was handsome.
possible more randumb shit coming soon. blah.

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