Friday, February 13, 2009

dance and wager

after a lovely afternoon at delores park i met up with the usual suspects for another saturday night of fun things. the new hotspot vertigo was the destination and as usual we got to listen to anything we wanted and laugh at ourselves dancing all while mocking others as we so cruelly do. in summation, it was fun and a lot went down, and as usual i missed 99% of it because i was all up in that mix.


surprise guest darby showed up. one of my best friends that is over 6.6 and 275 lbs. guy is a fuckin legend, superstar even.

the gals gettin it going good.

matt captured much more action than myself. guy is excellent. TMA. that is all.

sunday is dollar day at golden gate fields and is always super dope. it was beckys bday so i dragged chip with me to meet with some heads. they were still celebrating chinese new year for some reason and in between races they had this fuckin weirdo guy doing magic and acrobats and whoopitdoos. here he cut a bitch in half, things went awry, ambulances called. you know, the usual.

self portrait. i was told to wear a hat. this is all i was working with.

jamal, ben and nick polanski were enjoying themselves. even though this photo does not show it.

what the fuck?

birfday girly! congrats ol timer.

gotta give it to the guy. doin shit i aint about to be able to do.
and thats that. worst blog to date? most likely but hey, you still looked at it.

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